Urgent help please...

Hi Guys,

I am using N 7.040 as of today. A bad decision. Experiencing “Nuendo Not Responding” crashes every hour.
If I remember correctly this would be a first time in many years using N3/N5/N6/N7.035.

Here is where I’m frustrated ;

  • Currently have two projects on the go, must be delivered Monday first thing.
    My W7 image backup is at the clients studio, and have no access till next Wednesday.
    I was just simply going to roll back to a stable N7 .035 install, that worked just fine.

Could I just uninstall N7.040 via the control panel\add remove ? Will that take me back ?
Where is Nuendo keeping this log file ?? I’d love to send to support.

Hoping that some of you might be around for the weekend and help me out… :blush:


By any chance, isn’t it Windows related? See this post, please.

The uninstaller you are referring to, doesn’t uninstall Nuendo 7.0.40 update. You will not roll-back this way. This uninstall Nuendo 7.0.x completely. So you need to install it back, and choose the update you want to install from your own backup.

The crashdump files are stored in the Documents/Steinberg/crashdumps folder on Windows.

Hi Martin,

Possible but seems quite unlikely.
I’m on W7 pro and Nuendo has never ever crashed for the last 2 years .
It is on an average session, no VIs, 3-4 Steinberg plugins only. Only editing.

Have you tried removing the Data folder and building your Prefs from scratch? You can gradually add some of the files back, such as Key Commands once you know the system is stable.


Thanx DG,

I will try that, although reloading my template and starting from scratch ( Video and AAF import )seems to resolve the issue, at least for the last few hours… :astonished:

BTW…just to know,
Where are the crash log files kept ?

On Windows, you can find the crashlogs in the Documents/Steinberg/Crashdumps folder.

Sound good, thanx Martin
I’ll try to find a support contact Monday…

Hi lemix please send the crashlog to me directly.

Thanx Armand, will do it today.

It is truly frustrating. My daily work depends on this system which has been rock solid for a long time.
Crashes appeared right after the 7.040 update.
Should have known better… :cry:

Just a few minutes ago this
N7.04 error.JPG
It is Chinese to me… :unamused:

Armand, I was trying through private messaging, but The extension dmp is not allowed.

I will try to the SB email link…


From here it looks like your GPU drivers might perhaps not be up-to-date.

Did you try to compress them in a zip and attach them?

Hello Armand
I’ve sent 3 dmp files zipped, through the official “My Support” channel.
The subject is >> attention to your name.

I don’t know of any other method forwarding them.

thanx !

Here is the result of my display driver update :
AMD driver.JPG

Did you try rebuilding your Prefs? I have had problems in the past, and this has always worked for me.


Honestly DG…I simply have no time or brain resources to fight a software, which was working solidly and reliably for years.

I’m now back on N 7.035 and chopping away happily.
Thanx and appreciate you willingness to give a helping hand.

It was simply my stupidity and momentary excitement to jump on an upgrade soon after it’s release.
Never again !

thanx all…

OK, well my advice for future upgrades would be:

Back up your Prefs/User data (which you should do at least once a week anyway)
Delete the contents of the User data folder
Do the update
Replace the contents of the User data folder with your back-up

This has always worked reliably for me in the past, and if there are any problems cropping up in the future, I just delete the Prefs and put the previous version back in. Takes around 30 seconds.



Resolving the crashlog didn’t bring further information to us at the moment. Out of my knowledge but forwarded to the correct persons. It crashes in your driver that’s for sure but since reverting to N7.0.35 makes it work again I assume the problem is likely on our side anyway.


Thanx for looking this !

Strangely so far I don’t remember having any of the issues others encountered.
By updating to N 7.040 it was impossible for me to complete any work.
And that is on the exact same well maintained system with very similar post audio projects.

Hi Lemix,

An engineer working on this area should be getting back to you in pm today.