USB less licensing with CB 12? You are joking right.......?

Its not elicenser less. I bought CB12…silly me. What a bad idea that was. Persuaded by all the hype of the demise of the USB elicenser I took the plunge, only to find that all of my content cannot be used with it unless I use it with…can you guess? That’s right…the USB elicenser.

I created a support ticket 5 days ago. No answer so are getting it in public here now. Enjoy.

I’m not sure who the bampot is who thought this would be a good idea but there NO POINT in having CB12 if you cannot use your content that you have already bought with it in an elicenser less way.

All you have done is restrict people with CB12 to three machines (one at a time) with the one dongle they already have whereas before they had unlimited machines with CB11 using the same dongle.

I would like to know what you will do about this or is it bust like Wavelab is bust.

Look at this nonsense…

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Only Cubase 12 and Dorico 4 use the new license system. If you want to use all other products from Steinberg you need to use the usb dongle. I do the same thing, but this was clearly for me. The complete transition will require around 12/18 months maybe…

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Most of contents are based on Halion 6 / Halion Sonic (not SE). When Steinberg release the Halion 7 and the new Halion Sonic most of contents will use the system…I think…

Perhaps you missed this bit…

So I must still use the elicenser but with the restriction of three machines? What madness is that?

What they should do is make all the existing paid for licenses that someone owns immediately use the same method as CB12. I should not have to buy Halion 7 to use the Halion 6 that I own already without an elicenser. Also you can see Metro Heights and other stuff in there as well…

It is a mess.

I like that you put I think at the end…nice body swerve

And what if I don’t want to buy Halion 7?

Are you saying they are forcing us to rebuy all our software again? They would not attempt to do that to us would they…? :wink:

Of course not. In any case Halion 6 works without the USB elicenser.

Is it possible to make an update for the current Steinberg library ? Yes, but this is a hope…

But I don’t see Halion 6 in Apple Silicon native mode…

Is it? Anyway look at all the stuff I have that does not work. What about that?

Please. Steinberg provided FAQs about these details, could you at least read them so we can have an informed conversation?

Edit: as far as Halion 6, its license goes on the Soft-Elicenser by default, but can be moved (permanently) to the USB key



It’s not that difficult. Only Dorico 4 and Cubase 12 use the new licensing so far. Everything else, and that includes your bought or gifted libraries, still uses eLicenser protection, until Steinberg updates that content to use the new licensing.


What I said previously …

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I sincerely think that Steinberg should get at least Halion Sonic and Groove Agent on this new license system soon as possible. I mean, today, tomorrow, this week……
That would stop a good amount of complaining from people who didn’t understand the statement that Steinberg have put before release a dongle-free Cubase 12.

As a Steinberg product user I feel your pain but the information was crystal clear.

Tbh, I am waiting for halion and grove agent migration and then I will be completely dongle free. In meantime, I patiently wait.

By the way, speed up Steinberg or at least give us some dates when you may migrate those VSTi. Not just say 12 to 18 months timeframe. You will get people mad. :joy: I am just saying……

Peace out


On my Mac mini M1 in Apple native mode there isn’t. Into Rosetta I need the dongle…
Screenshot 2022-03-07 at 20.32.41

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Dude, Halion 6 is “not part” of cubase

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For me use the dongle is not a problem, I used it for around 20 years…

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I have to use the dongle for Halion 6 because I have it as part of Absolute.
Until Absolute goes to the new system, I’m also stuck using it.
But I knew that before.


To be honest, I wished the dongle has never gone.
Somehow, I will miss it.

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So per the original post… Cubase 12 is not elicenser less because to use your content with it you still need the elicenser. In other words at this moment using CB12 is more restrictive than CB11 was.

Dorico 4? That a funny one too … That is bust using the new licensing method. When you install it…it does not register the installs. I have it on two machines and yet in my account it shows as installed on none. It’s ummm…it’s…it begins with f and ends with a d…

And you said its not that difficult? For some it seems it is…

This is news to me I thought it was still on the Dongle

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