Used 7.01 all day today for the first time.. 0 crashes

Used 7.01 all day today for the first time… 0 crashes… perhaps just a coincidence ? but 7.01 seems more stable, and i’m noticing less quirks!

I just turned up the auto-overclock feature on my board, Cubase crashed but ran straight after, did not delete any preferences (yet).

I’ve been testing it now for many days, wrote a couple of new songs, no crashes. The new mixer is quite nice after getting to know it, (other than missing the “save selected channel” feature).

Doing some smal mix projects and some mastering. 7.01 is rock solid and the new mixer I very nice.
I have even finished some mixes I started in C6.5. Just for the challenge (I really hated the old mixer)

Great job Steinberg!

make that 2 days no crashes…

Here, a week with no problem

Same here, no crashes.


0 crashes

I did crash sometimes, but all the time it was because of a faulty plugin or de JBridge that f*ed up a plugin.

I’m very happy so far! And I love the new mixer and possibilities! I actually use less plugins now, because of the channel strip!

Yea, C7 rock solid here too. Been using it since day 1, and am amazed with stability. 0 crashes, pleasure to work with. Extremely well done.

+1 and don’t forget the new Leveling Amplifier, spot on!

More solid so far, crashed two times yesterday testing the VST connect se.
I’m very glad that the samplerate now works as expected.
Love it so far, even on my 15" MBP it is very easy to work with C7 without an extra monitor

no crashes here alls good , still testing but absolutly stable as stable can be for something thats stable ! :wink:

Hi all,
this was a very nice read to end the year with :smiley:

Happy Xmas!

No crashes as well with 7.01. Since I put sampletank on jbridge and left the ASIO-Guard button OFF everthing seems to run smoothly. That’s what I call XMas.

As a developer, I’ll let you guys in on a secret: Version X.0 pretty much means beta and/or buggy. It usually means we’ve tested the best we can in our DEV environment and feel that we can release it to the great wide open to really get hammered on. That’s why X.1’s usually get thrown out there pretty quickly.

With regards to Cubase, I purchased 7.0 on the first day of release knowing there would be patch out there soon, but for something like a new version of Windows, Word, etc, I wait until the first service pack shows up until I even consider upgrading.

I bought in because I want the new features such as the chord tools and ASIO Guard.

I don’t mind helping smash bugs because I’ll benefit in the end and it helps SB prioritize the list of improvements.


I posted about this in the lounge forum.

From a C7 installation read me file:

Developing software is an ongoing process that perpetually gets closer to perfection without ever achieving it

This sounds like my approach to making music.

Same, but when only using MIDI to write and there is no (complete) live performance, unless you have ghost writers it can take years to produce a single piece of music (let alone writing, arranging etc).


0 crashes!!! :sunglasses: