User Group name change

Why is Dorico user group called Sanchez now??

Please stop creating new threads asking the same question over and over again. Can you please provide a few more details about the nature of the problem you are experiencing? Perhaps a screenshot will help us to understand what you are seeing?

I believe he was referring to the name of this Forum. Sometime when I log in from my desktop, The name “Dorico” for this sub forum ( And Dorico only, not for example Cubase) seems to have been translated to “Sanchez”. It translates my username too from gdball to gdbool. The rest appears in normal English with the language marked as “in”. It doesn’t happen on my phone (yet :unamused:) and doesn’t seem to affect the operation of the forum much.

Except- as I think about it the multiple posts may not be his fault. I have seen some delayed posting or out of order posting weirdness. Yesterday a user replied to one of my posts before ( according to the system) I had posted my original. Now that’s a proactive interaction.

Haha — yes, proactive indeed!

I also experienced an instance of delay earlier today, around 8:00–9:00 am EST (US).

Or time travel…

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gdball, which browser are you using?
May be it has a setting regarding automatic translation of non-English languages.

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Internet Explorer, Whatever version is current for windows 11.

gdball, Internet Explorer doesn’t have a translate function, unless you have installed an extension like Google Translate.
Internet Explorer’s support ended in 2022, so it might be a better option to use Edge instead - IE could cause security issues by now…
About the Sanchez guy, I don’t know :man_shrugging:t3:

No worries, I misspoke as I’m using Edge.