Using Cubase on 2 Computers

I have my studio computer where i primarily use cubae but i’m wondering if it’s possible to run it on my laptop when i’m traveling. Would I just swap the dongle out when i’m using one or the other? Anything else to consider as far as VST’s go?

Yes, just swap the dongle. I have two systems in two countries and routinely move projects around on a hard drive. Some VSTs such as samplers/romplers get a bit messed up if they can’t find the samples that relate to their program, but those samples can ueually be saved to the project folder and quickly resolved.

You have to be careful to make sure that you have all of your files in the project folder and understand your systems’ architecture. Prepare Archive is a good way to go. It makes copies of any audio files that are located outside the project folder. Also, if you lack a particular VST on one system and that musical part is complete you can keep it frozen on the other system and then at least you can hear it, although not edit it.

Be sure also to do incremental saves I add the location with each increment, so a typical project file might contain lots of saves noting when and where each part of the project was being worked on.

Finally, rigorously backup every day. I generally use internal drives on each system for the projects, but copy the project folders to an external drive, which doubles as my way of moving the projects about. I don’t just mean save a .cpr I mean an entire backup, regardless of how many gigabytes, everyday, every song. It’s important that you don’t inadvertently overwrite data and it’s really easy to write over a day’s work when you are going back and forth with data a lot. I know, I have done it! It sucks!

Nope, just switch the dongle from one to the other (make sure to keep it physically safe - I use a USB extension cable and wrap the dongle in a sock when on the move). As long as you’ve installed the same VST’s on both computers there shouldn’t be any problems. Unless you are moving your audio interface between systems you’ll likely need to change some IO assignments in VST Connections when you move a project from one system to the other. But if you set up presets for your standard config on each one that is quick to do.

What if I have two studio computers with different users? Do I need to purchase another copy of cubase? Or perhaps an additional license?

Whichever computer the eLicenser is in, you can use Cubase on.

Aloha E and yes.

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Do you mean two persons, or two user accounts? Do you mean at the same time?

Your USB eLicenser (i.e. with a Cubase license) enables whichever computer it is in (while it’s in) to run Cubase. When the USB eLicenser is not in (or removed while Cubase is running) Cubase will complain.

It can only be in one computer at a single moment (unless you are Flash or some other speedy superhero) and you cannot move it while Cubase is running, but when it’s not running you can move it to different computer that can now run Cubase.

Yes to both…

That’s right. I need to run Cubase simultaneously with one other person in the studio.

Then you need 2 licenses on 2 dongles.

I bought a copy of Elements (which doesn’t need a security USB key to run) for times I’m just doing basic audio editing remotely. Saves having to move the precious dongle, but allows me to open any Cubase project.

In reality you are never purchasing a copy of Cubase. What you are purchasing is a license to run it.

Hello everybody!

I think I know your answers but I’ll give it a try:

Just purchase Cubase 8 and it came with an usb elicenser included in the box. Not knowing that when ordered, I bought a separate one as well, so now I have two…

Question: Can I register both of them with the same activation code?

Thank you!

You’re correct, you knew the answer already. :wink:

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I know two ways.

  1. You can use a program on a first computer for USB over NETWORK (USB NETWORK SHARE)
  2. You can use a device like this

P.S. You can NOT operate simultaneously on both computers. The dongle can use just one instance !!!


But it is not a bad idea to have a spare dongle in case something happens to the one you use. Steinberg support can move your license from the bad to good dongle. But if you have to buy a new dongle after it breaks, you’re gonna have to wait for it to arrive.

@nicusorb -probably we speak the same language, but it’s fair (cinstit) :slight_smile: to talk here the language everybody knows …
I guess it’s a kind of card sharing for satellite devices… I’m introduced in it…

But for professional purposes … :slight_smile: Intelegi?

Maybe it works…


actually for both of my reply man:

I have two usb dongles.

I wanna use cubase 8 licenser first usb dongle- in studio - my work, and another at home. Is it possible with two usb Elicensers having the same data on them?

Thanks, Multumesc! :slight_smile:

Yes, sort of. Any license you own can only live on one dongle at a time. So you can’t have the same license on both dongles at the same time. But you can purchase a second license for any product on your first dongle and install it on you second dongle. Of course that would also double the cost. The only way to use the same license at work and at home is to carry the dongle with you (or conceivably one of the methods nicusorb suggested above might let you remotely access the dongle).


In fact I know the answers so I will take my usb elicenser from a place to another
accompanied by MI5… or SRI… hahahaha!.

Regards and best songs with Cubase 8! :slight_smile:

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Now it’s up to us what will come out (in my case from cubase 8)

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