Using Expression Maps for the first time and having an issue

Hi there, I just switched from Live to Cubase Pro 12 at the end of last week.

I’ve imported the expression map that Spitfire provides for Chamber Strings but the map articulations aren’t matched corrected with the ones in the SCS GUI. For instance the expression map Pizzicato switch triggers the Spiccato articulation to play instead. I would just rename the keyswitches in the expression map based on what they go to but there seem to be multiple ones that are going to the same articulation, i.e both Arco and Con Sordino Long seem to go to Longs in the Spitfire Ensemble.

Is I can see in the inspector that the switches are being triggered correctly so that seems to be fine it’s just the end result is wrong. Is this something I’ve done or could it be a Cubase bug?

Hard to say without all the details. There is a mechanism in Expression Maps that lets you remap the Note of the Keyswitch. For example suppose C0 triggers an Articulation in the VSTi, you could set things up so that playing a C7 note on your keyboard will cause the CO to be sent to the VSTi. So perhaps something is mis-mapped.

You should also check this Expression Map Generator out.

Hi I’ve tested the remote section to make sure the notes are mapped correctly and they are. I’m going to try and download an a map for a different library from another company and see if I have the same issue.

This tutorial helped me immensely in figuring out how to create / apply / edit Expression Maps in Cubase: Cubase Tips - Expression Maps (Live) - YouTube

Thanks everyone, was user error as I suspected. Didn’t do the output mapping lol.

Edit: At least that was the issue for when I tried to create a map for Orchestral Tools BB Trumpet 1. Gone back to the premade expression maps for SCS and changed the output mapping and it’s still not working right. I’ll try making another one from scratch for it.

Seriously check out the Map Generator, it is much easier to use than building them in Cubase - even for a simple map and for more complex maps there is no comparison.

With Spitfire Banks
it is better to use the CC32 midi controller
see screenshot

Pizzicato CC56

open the small padlock and select
and choose Locked to UACC

But many libraries use keyswitch notes