Using Halion One with Cubase 9.

Greetings fellow Cubasers!

I am in the process of remastering some files created with Cubase 5 that used HALion and Embracer.

Although I have Cubase 4 installed, HALion One and Embracer work fine in Cubase 4 the plugin manager in Cubase 9 does not ‘see’ HALion One nor Embracer. I have tried pointing the manager to
VST 2 Plug-in Path Settings
(C:\Program Files [x86]\Steinberg\Cubase 4\VSTPlugins
(C:\Program Files [x86]\Steinberg\VSTPlugins
but unfortunately this does not work.
Has anyone had experience of doing this and knows how to enable Cubase 9 to see HALion One 32-bit plugins? And if so could you tell me how you do this? :smiley:

Cubase 9 can see 32 bit plugs only using 3rdparty bit bridge, unfortunately stability sucks

Download and install the x64 installer. Dont know about Embracer.

As Hurmpie says, the 64 bit installer of Halion One works just fine with Cubase 9.

For Embracer you’ll either have to use jBridge or alternative OR use the “hack” described here:

It’s not supported and make sure you back everything up but it worked fine for me (I tried it on some old 32 bit plugins as I was curious). Might be worth it for a one off.

What about MAC users ? There is no 64bit Halion one for mac