Using Halion Sonic 7 instead of Halion Sonic SE 3

Looking at Halion Sonic 7 Google search.

I can’t quite see the advantage to stop using the Halion Sonic SE that came with my Cubase 11 (now using it in Cubase 12) and using Halion Sonic 7 instead.

Can someone help me understand that better please?

Thank you!

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Well it’s a newer version so all future updates, library content and integrations with Cubase will based on ver 7. i.e. a free version of Colors was released today and that’s marked as being H7 as requirement:

I’ve not compared H3 Sonic SE vs H7 Sonic to know what’s specifically different right now though, slight interface change, and new mediabay are nice though.

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The dumb question I have ATM: Halion Sonic SE has sounds I can load, for example trumpet, piano, violin, etc.

But I’ve read Halion Sonic 7 is just a player.

How will I access those same/similar sounds in Halion Sonic 7 if it’s just a player?


HALion Sonic SE is a player too (i.e. an instrument with presets that you can tweak). It’s the same sound set as ‘HALion’ is a family of products that just progresses over the years. The term player doesn’t mean you can’t record into a project with it or anything.

The difference, and why people pay the money for full blown HALion (6/7) is for functions like this, you can see on the right side the layers and editing options, and above the instrument all the additional options you have:

They’ll both play the same sounds though. Sonic is more focused towards using it as an instrument rather than a deep sound design tool.

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I am really confused by H7 release. So if we want to make our own synth instrument, we need FM and Tales and we have to buy them, right?

Ok, thanks, that’s very helpful. I think i understand you to say I will be able to call up “trumpet, or piano, or violin, etc.” in Halion Sonic 7 as easily as I can now in Halion Sonic SE.

(Please correct me if wrong! :slight_smile: )

Thanks again!

HALion Sonic 7 (Player)
HALion Sonic 7 Collection (Player plus FM AND Tales instruments)
HALion 7 (Deep sound design, includes FM/Tales and more)

So, It really depends on what you mean by making your own synth instrument, as you can edit patches in HALion Sonic and save them out - Full HALion let’s you actually go behind the scenes and get much more involved in designing instruments, creating your own interfaces, even scripting elements if you want.

It all depends on what you want to do really.

Yes exactly the same, except you’ll be on the latest version and receiving updates and the media bay is much better. (Well, I think it is, anyway)


Awesome, thank you @skijumptoes !

Sounds good. So can/should I uninstall the Sonic SE version?

no just go to download Halion 7 players and it should update it.

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Yes but if you look as Cubase 12 Pro settings it still shows the default Halion for Vsti as Halion Sonic Se even if you have Halion 7 and Halion Sonic 7.
It doesn’t seem to have a user selectable change. I’m sure you used to be able to choose your default but can’t see that as an option now.


How come I cant find instruments or presets on Halion7 that I bought that where on Halion sonic SE 3

I wrote something about this a while ago. Maybe it is helpful in this context… but also please see the reply correction from Philippe_Bono in my post…

Hint: HALion Sonic 7 Collection with Cubase 12 - COMPLETE sound library