Using HSSE Latin Instruments

I have Dorico 4 Pro, I was trying to use the included “Latin percussion” soundset under Drums & Percussion of HSSE. I selected the HSSE Latin Percussion in the end-point setup, yet, I am unable to get proper latin percussion sounds on the related Drum Staff (I also tried with the Grand Staff) at any position on the staves only the sound on Key B3 of “Latin percussion” soundset is heard. Wasted a lot of time trying to figure out how to do it right. I wonder why it is so difficult to use even the included sounds in Dorico 4 pro. What am I doing wrong? can someone help please.

What does your percussion map look like (to match instruments to MIDI numbers) , and what does your Kit look like (to match instrument notation to notes on a staff)?

Hi Derrek I am attaching the screenshots please

Your percussion Kit should look something like this (only with your Latin instruments on the desired staff lines or spaces).

Thanks a lot for the prompt reply Derrek,

I understand your point about the percussion kit, which, as I understand, basically pertains to the sounds assigned to various positions on the Drum Staff. However, it is the expression map I suppose that controls the sound actually played.
The percussion kit elements maybe renamed to indicate the actual latin percussion sounds represented by the Drum Stave position, e.g., Hi Congo, Lo Congo, etc. at their right position on the stave. But doesn’t the expression map govern the actual sound played or Is my understanding faulty?

Actually I fail to understand why Expression maps shipped along with Dorico 4 Pro are not correctly playing the relevant native sounds shipped with the Dorico 4 pro. I also think that the Latin Percussion Expression map really does not map all the sound in the HSSE Latin Percussion Sound set. Hope Dorico Team kindly clarifies this.

You might find this thread of interest.

thanks Janus, I shall will go through the thread.

One of the challenges we’ve had with the percussion kits in the HSSE factory content is that nobody knows what all of the sounds are. These kits came from our colleagues at Yamaha, and no documentation seems to exist that identifies all of the instruments and the specific playing techniques contained in the kits. If the wisdom of the crowd is able to provide answers to which instruments and techniques are contained in the kit, we can expand the percussion map.

Thanks Daniel I understand your constraint.
I found the thread referred by Janus to be very informative, that has brought in quite a bit of clarity on the subject.