Using Streamdeck and Launchpad XL together

Hello, how can I make it work, that I can use my Streamdeck for menu operations and Launchpad XL for project operations like mixing, etc. with the Cubase script from here: Launch Control XL MIDI Remote - Cubase - Steinberg Forums ? All this in Cubase 13 Pro.
Thanks a lot !

Ummmm , i don’t quite understand your Streamdeck use , are you using a 3rd party Midi driver with the stream deck or just using it for Key commands ?

I use 3 novation controllers via the Generic and lego Midi remote and the StreamDeck with all my Key commands to with great results, so much so i would be lost without it

Hi, thanks for answering…
I am using this here: Cubase Pro Stream Deck — sideshowfx .
I works entirely through midi with this connector: loopMIDI | Tobias Erichsen (
and the script is showing like for a keyboard in the cubase midi controller tab.
I would like to use the streamdeck for menu operations, like add track, tools and so on, while the Launchpad is controlling the mixing desk, etc.…

Well , things like Add tracks and tools are Key commands so there’s no midi driver needed , with the standard Streamdeck you just add a key stroke to a cell , click on your key command combination and it’s done .

Ive seen the Sideshowfx and know the Loop midi driver but it sounds like you are after key commands functions

First page

Nudge and quantise functions

Add tracks

what ever is in the key command list/menu you can add to the Streamdeck very easily

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ok, understood. All I need is key commands and the streamdeck is independent from the launchpad.
Thanks a lot, I can handle that.
Happy new year !

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Yes, exactly that

Happy new Year

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