Using the CC121 with other DAWs like Logic, and AI control

I have been reading some of the previous post and want to get user opinions if they have tried using the cc121 to:

  1. Control any other DAWs like Logic X or Pro Tools. ( I realize that the function may be a little different and not as smooth as using cubase but do you get some transport control functions, or zoom function or AI function with stock plugins?)

  2. It seems like the A I knob does not work with 3rd party plugins like waves. Most comments were in regards to waves V9. Although waves has a new V1.0.2.2 format. Any luck with A I control as a point and control support to control parameters of the waves plugins, or is this still an issue.

I appreciate the feedback. Nate


CC121 is sending common MIDI data. In theory you can map them to any function in other DAWs, if the DAW can be controlled via generic MIDI device. But some functions might not be so fluent, as it is in Cubase.

I currently own this and unfortunately it’s not good at mapping with other DAWS.
I’ve tried with Logic, Studio One, Ableton and Reason.
This is a nice controller but only for Cubase because I think it’s locked.
What I mean is that the fader would act Sporadically in Logic.
Only the eq knobs work in Studio One and the list goes on. :cry:
I’ve contacted them about this before on many occasions but no help really given or even an answer why
this happens so I gave up!
The only thing that I’ve found online after researching was that it works with Reaper because someone made a code for it.
Yes I’m in the market for a compact midi controller that I can use with everything myself.

The CC121 is not locked in any way. Like Martin says, it just won’t have the particular functions the SB programmed for it in Cubase.

It’s exactly as good for programming other DAWs as any generic controller, and the person writing the code for it.

If it does not recieve specific Midi events from ther daw it does not work right.
I would call that locked…

Is that the case? Or does the event need to be known and programmed?

e.g., I have reconfigured a CMC-TP and a CMC-FD to send and receive various midi messages, and the touch faders update. If someone knows what channel and command to use then they can create an implementation.

Locked, in my view would mean that even if a person knew the right commands to send to the unit it would still not work.

Agreed Steve,
so if there are any code writers on here can you please assist us with some templates that would help?

It will send the data, so you can still control the DAW, but you have no visual feedback. And the bigfest issue is the fader position, of course.

Not pro-bono. You would need someone who can script it in something like Bome Midi Translator.

Yes it does not send any messages when trying to midi map with most functions.

That’s why there is no tutorials, forums or anything showing how this is done.

Yeah that would be great Steve.

Just look at the CC121 plugin for reaper:

It comes with source code and a detailed protocol description (src/CC121 Format.txt).

So no easy way to remap the midi data from the CC121 to control other DAWS it seems. Nice :unamused:

Well, it’s still just a simple MIDI controller. Every button press and every rotary movement sends simple MIDI data. So it will work in every DAW you want it to work in.

Only the visual feedback needs some scripting work. In this day an age almost all DAWs have open scripting environments for external hardware support. So this shouldn’t be a problem. The only major DAWs without an open scripting API are Cubase and Nuendo but for these we have/had the official driver…

If you cant map that midi data you are SOL my friend. Simple as the midi data may be

Just script it. No need for any volatile mapping in most modern DAWs.

How would you suggest I do this on OSX here?

With which DAW do you want use CC121?

StudioOnePro. I have most things working except the pan knob on the CC121 is sending a channel selection message in S1. Im using the FADERPORT 2018 Device in S1 but you know things dont line up function wise.
Presonus doesnt provide a CC121 DEVICE and Steinberg doesnt give one to load up in other DAWS.

Like Martin is saying, it’s mainly a matter of midi in, midi out. Does Studio One have something akin to the Generic Remote? If so, you can program your own.