Using VSL Synchron-ized Solo Strings With Dorico

I’m a complete newbie to using external sounds with Dorico. How would I go about using VSL’s Synchron-ized Solo Strings to arrange string quartets in Dorico?

I checked VSL’s site and I’m not seeing any expression maps specifically for Solo Strings.

Thank you!

Have you done a search for VSL and Expression Maps? Are you looking for something like this?

That’s odd! I searched “Synchron-ized Solo Strings” before posting and that didn’t come up.

That’s exactly what I’m looking for, I think, except for all of the solo strings, not just Violin 1, Cello 1, and Viola. For some reason, I thought I’d read something about VSL having created those, but it looks like those are for other Synchron-ized libraries, not this one.

I’ve done maps for all the synchronised solo strings but can’t at the moment find the link for the current version. Doesn’t seem to have been ported to the main EM thread. Happy to repost in a couple of days when back at my PC if it would be helpful.

That would be super helpful. Thanks so much!

The Expression Map thread used to be pinned to the top of the thread list, but in the transition, it was possible for those threads to be released into the queue. Once one finds them again, one can ask for the thread to be pinned at the bottom of the thread.

IIRC, this is the thread.

Pinned threads become unpinned for you when you’ve read everything in them, until such time as any new replies are posted.

These are the maps I’m currently using (well actually I haven’t had the occasion to use the double bass yet). They are based on the Basic template with a few additions or modifications Couple of brief points 1. entries correspond directly to patches, I don’t assign the same patch to multiple techniques or articulations like some do. 2. NoteLength selections are designed for crisply articulated classical style playback and have added some custom p.t’s to correspond to patches which can be brought in for greater romantic or emotional impact. 3. scaled secondary dynamic is used. This gives roughly the correct dynamic range but there are always manual adjustments required in places. As we all write different kinds of music, these maps won’t be for everyone but I hope they might give some ideas to the newcomer and of course can be freely modified as desired.

VSL synchron-ized solo (17.5 KB)

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