V7.0.3 - close but (still) no cigar

Oh well …
simple basics still not working.

7.0.3 is still not able to load a project as it was saved ! :open_mouth:
( Mixer zoom states not recalled on load )

Workspaces still do not save all MC settings ( again: zoom levels )

Still not able to see the numerical values of all send levels at once.
( shouldn’t this have been addressed ? )

Still tons of wasted pixels, showing nothing but the background.

Still that ‘fat’ play cursor.

… back to waiting for the ‘pro’ version that loads a song as it was stored.


Yes I was getting too frustrated today with the update. Using 6.5 again… Oh well.

It feels like steinberg is a bit over their head with the whole thing. If they had a proper QA and beta protocol this kind of ‘lameness’ would not happen. I have been extremely happy with 6.5. Not so much 5, I skipped that one pretty much.

I hope steinberg will be back on track again soon. Just ask Yamaha for help already…

agreed think i’ll have to settle with 7.0.2 which i’m not completely happy with, it’s annoying because I use this for work so i can’t afford to update only to have to spend hours rolling back :cry: :imp: :cry: :imp:

Sticking with 6.5 here.

Yes, i agree. this Cubase 7 looks like Windows Vista. I think, many users will just skip it and wait for a stable Cubase 8. :smiley:

I am alternating between 6.5 and 7. Depends on what I am am doing. Some plugins are better off in 6.5 as there seems to be some real optimization weakness in 7. I am on the fence about the mixer. Its bulky.

Will try 7.03 next week, but for overal stability and performance on my system, 6.5 is the go to still.

I’m not on the fence, I can’t see anything on the mixer. It’s just a mush of stuff. The numbers/letters are just not legible. The hovering process that moves to expose the enable/disable buttons is terrible. I’ve already had my say on the click fest. Still don’t see a key command for QLink.

Still no working Variaudio, I’ll be on 6.54 for a while yet…

Yep same here what the heck are SB doing and thinking of sending this version out that is worse than the last one. I am having the same issues as before but now I have new issues in this update missing grid lines from the mixer panel for one my songs from 6.5 will still not load correctly into 7…what is the point we may as well not bother updating anymore until they really have sorted out the issues. I just feel I have wasted my money upgrading as I can not use it for any of my 6.5 songs for final mixing. I am sticking with 6.5 which is rock solid and has never let me down so far.

You said It! 6.5 hasn’t crashed in month, if ever…

Just installed 7.0.3 and there is still not a single fix about the UI issues described and reported here and in the ‘Feature request’ subforum (some of the posts I made in it were directly transferred in the ‘Miscellaneous’ one without explanation…) : https://www.steinberg.net/forum/viewtopic.php?p=231954#p231954

So, just remembering one of Nick Cave best songs, C7 still seems to me as ‘Ugly, useless and overinflated’’.

Back to C6.5.4 again… :frowning:

Devs couldn’t close an umbrella with a full set of instructions. :wink:

typical , im starting to like the look of the mixer now BUT for the first time ever ive had crashes with 7.0.3 ,not one ,not two,three or four but fucking loads of them , “video stopped running” ,locking up on exit ,“can’t find licence” “Cubase artist license corrupt” and the list goes on and on and on and this is all with in 24 hours ,the last time I had serious issues with Cubase was back in the days of Atari bombs , 'ill give it one more session tonight and if it hasn’t stabilized it’s self im selling the c7 license ,can’t be arsed to complain and constantly fight with new bugs just to get the old ones sorted out .
This in my book is turning into complete and utter bollocks !


Also not necessary. Why add the (undeserved) insult to the frustration?

It took me not even 10 mins of 7.03 testing to notice issues and bugs.

Beta-testing process?
Steinberg has none.
We are the betatesters.

This will be the last time I buy a Steinberg product.

Just to keep things in perspective, I have never had any problems with Cubase 7 that caused me to have to roll back to a previous version, I updated to 7.03, and continued all day with it, no crashes and no problems.

Maybe I just happen to have the same computer system that Steinberg develope it on, and so have no compatibility issues.

Cubase 7 is not perfect, there are many things that I can see are not right - but there is nothing there to stop me using it. When you have a recording to make and a time line to mix to, you just get on and do it, if a short cut key doesn’t work - you just find another way to do it.

The Mackie control jog wheel doesn’t scroll right (actually neither does the CC121) - so I just reach for the mouse and do it that way.

There is nothing with Cubase 7 (0.3) that stops me working with it, maybe you just have to find another way to do things. And if anyone has Cubase crashing, then it’s best to find out what is wrong with the install (3rd party drivers and plug ins) that are probably causing the problems. If Cubase 7 works on one machine and not on another, then it is the computer that is wrong not Cubase. Steinberg may update Cubase to work with incompatible drivers, but a real bug is only something that every one gets on every computer.


issue mentioned above confirmed - as well, there are functions not working properly, which worked before in CB6.07, like zooming in the edit windows with the mc control…

I don’t understand, how working functions get lost during an upgrade :astonished:


I don’t understand how someone can try to blame someone computer when since year DOT every Cubase system has run without faul even up too 7.0.2 but as soon as you update to 7.0.3 all this crashes happen .
maybe your right maybe ive designed and built it completely wrong and should build a new one just to get 7.0.3 working yes ??? well one phrase springs to mind " bollocks to that " .
What can be so wrong with my setup if every version was working a part from minor workable issues ???

and cheers for the primary school lesion about drivers and stuff ,maybe I should go back to basics and learn the zx spectrum

then Steinberg have made this drivers incompatable in that respect because if they worked before then they should still work ,now if you have the latest graphic card and drivers and Steinberg makes those drivers obsolete who’s fault is that ???
Nothing wrong with my system this is a 7.0.3 update issue

edit :
and here is something ive never had to do ,crash dumps