Vanishing rests when changing instruments

It has been discussed, but I can’t find it… When I make an instrumental change as shown in the pic, Dorico erases the rest in bar 36 ( beats 3 and 4 missing). There was a way to fix it, can’t find it anymore… Any help?
Bildschirmfoto 2019-04-30 um 08.30.50.png

The problem is caused by the fact that at the point where the new instrument begins, there’s no rest starting at exactly that point. If you create explicit rests for the instrument you’re changing to, as shown in the attached picture, you’ll get the correct notated result.

Thank you, Daniel!

Unfortunately, this workaround seems to work in 99%, but not here… Even if I put rests in the new bar. What am I doing wrong?
instr (895 KB)

Create an explicit quarter rest at the start of bar 36 in the Maracas instrument.

Thank you! That did it. I took the wrong bar (37…). But, another voodoo thing: I attached a modified file. Percussion like before, but with only 3 instruments in it. The Vibes, Maracas and a Slapstick. Slapstick is empty, you see the same problem in b.37. When you DELETE the slapstick, everything with the rests is allright…

Thank you for the quick reply, now I see you don’t have holiday in England…
instr (887 KB)

And, I forgot to mention: In my file, if you delete the slapstick, the instrument change is in the right place (end of the bar). In your way, the change is in the middle of the bar.

Where did the original file come from? I’m puzzled by two things:
a) The “Slapstick” exists within the Percussion 1 player, but has no staves. I can’t find a way to give it a stave or write music into it.
b) Slapstick doesn’t exist in Dorico’s list of instruments. It’s a renamed “Percussion”, apparently, but “Percussion” doesn’t exist in Dorico’s list of instruments either!

Aah, I see… It was a xml import. I’ll check again with the whole music…

Hello Daniel, I have the same problem, but for a miraculous reason dorico doesn’t let me create a explicit rest in the bar of the instrument change (See my file, bar 53). I tried to make an eighth rest in the bar of the “rain tomtom” but he always keeps the quarter. I can make an explicit rest in other instruments, but not in the percussion instruments…? Can you help me?

Thank you. Gregor

Restproblems in my concerto - second movement.dorico (1.9 MB)

Unfortunately you cannot at present create explicit rests on a percussion kit, though that is certainly something we will address in future. Probably the best workaround you can employ for now is to create a new notehead type that looks like an eighth rest and add an additional note in the rain tom-toms instrument at the right position.

The rest thing is essential gottit. You have to align rests perfectly and then rests add up ok.
What about stemlets? Why are they lost? How can i get them back?!

thanks so much in advance!


Switch to galley view and make sure that the instrument you’re changing to has the same rests as the instrument you’re changing from at that position.