Variable Plugin GUI Size Bug

WL9 has a problem with Plugins which have a resizable GUI.
All of the DMG Plugs (Equilibrium, Essence, Compassion, Limitless) are resizable, also a few other Meter plugs i use.

If i make settings on one of these plugs, jump to another plugin, then go back to the previous one i cannot use it anymore since the GUI view changed and all ways to resize them in a proper way are not accessible anymore. The only way is to reload them, with obviously loosing all the settings. This is not only a pain in the … but a point where i can not use this program anymore for work. Its so frustrating.
And as usual i don’t have similar problems in any other DAW, its a Wavelab-only problem.

The problem was there in WL8.5 already, its still there in 9.

Please do something about it. I´ll rather change the program then the plugs.

That might be worth reporting here:

will do thanks

I can also vouch for this error. Has to be fixed.