VariAudio KeyEditor Color


VariAudio KeyEditor Color is a reversed one. It means the white keys on a piano are in Darker Color, and the black keys on a piano are in lighter gray color. It quite confusing, where to change it?


Is it possible to set or highlight the keys within a certain scale mode? For example, all the pitch or keys in nature major scale or harmonic minor scale is highlighted to speed up the recognization.

Yes, I wanted to know that too… :mrgreen:

I changed the background color of the editors to a lighter color and it magically reversed the black and white keys.

Where to change it?

You are a real hero, and to be honest this is really like magic, lol.
Btw, I update to 10 only for VariAudio, the reversed color design is just really bad, that’s actually the most important thing to identify pitch while tuning, they should update normal color to the public in my opinion…

This is bug and will be fixed in the next release.

You can change background editor color using at Preferences| User Interface | Custom Colors | Editor Area Background | Choose color box, and change to lighter color

You can choose color for each different pitch selecting “pitch” in “VariAudio segment colors” from drop-down menu.

If you cannot find this menu, find and press gear rightmost and select “VariAudio segment colors”


Thank you. I am expecting a more intuitive user interface in this function.

I want to believe this is true and not simply another change by Steinberg just for the sake of it. It feels like I’m editing VariAudio notes on a Harpsichord in Cubase 10.

I have seen no change, where did you hear this? I’d love to just change the color of the black vs. the white notes independently.

Do what radwoe says in Answer1.

Thanks, I should have posted that I did answer 1 which was very helpful.

I’ve recently updated to version 10, and this is still not fixed. Very lame and irritating. Had to find this forum thread via Google. Thanks for the workaround, but it needs to be fixed on Steinberg’s side. Too bad this is the default setting and one has to search for solution out of the box.

I highly recommend to add a movable scale key color. Steinberg can look into what melodyne is doing. Melodyne and VariAudio are both focusing on vocal processing. Vocal Melodies are based on one single scales for most circumstances. Therefore, make the key editor color related to a specified relative pitch scale is important to improve effeciency.