Variaudio: not possible on multiple audio events, if one is already analyzed/tuned

Hello there,
usually you can variaudio/analyze multiple audio events at once like this, which works fine:

This does not work however, if only one of those event is already analyzed and variaudio edited:

It also does not work, when the leftmost event is only analyzed (not even tuned). Then all other events wont be analyzed:

This is a big deal, especially if you have multiple vocal performances, doubles and harmonies spread over multiple tracks and divided in multiple events and some were already tuned during the recording stage. You then cannot variaudio them all at once and begin tuning, but you have to analyze it event by event, one by one.

Steps to reproduce:

  • take multiple audio events
  • enable variaudio on one of those and tune a bit (even 1 move is enough)
  • select all events together and enable variaudio
  • variaudio will not be enabled for the other events

For me it doesn’t work at all, I cannot analyse multiple events at once. Only the first one (leftmost in the selection) will get analyzed.

You sure, you did not have variaudio already active on one event?
This has always worked for me since C7, I guess.

Sorry, had “Edit active clip” instead of “Edit all clips”, now I could reproduce.


I can confirm this issue.

I’ve reported it to Steinberg, thanks for bringing it up.