I am a long time Pro Tools user, and to a lesser extent, Logic user.

Unhappy with the current state of Pro Tools, I recently ran a demo of Cubase 9.5. I was so impressed with the program that even though I knew it would be a real journey trying to learn the program and keep up with my daily work, I ended up buying it and have been very impressed so far and quite happy.

The one thing Cubase cannot do, and Pro Tools and Logic both can, is something that I use often however, and I find myself having to go back to PT just for situations like the one I’m about to describe. Otherwise I would be in Cubase full time at this point.

I get hired to do a LOT of soundalikes of major hits. I start by importing the original record into my DAW and doing a tempo map so I am perfectly in sync with the original file.

At times, some songs will have a particularly fast and difficult section to play in real time…a string run, a drum break, etc. In Pro Tools I simply put the original file in “Polyphonic Mode” and then slow the session tempo down to where I can play this part comfortably on a midi track, OR and audio track (if say, it is a guitar part). When finished, I go back to the original faster tempo and I’m done.

In Logic this is done by simply clicking the VARI SPEED button which does the same thing.

I am wondering if this is a feature that the developers would ever consider adding to Cubase because again, it is the ONLY thing I miss about the other programs.

Tom Hartman

There´s a workaround for this you could do until a Varispeed button is implemented:


+1 nice to have

Here´s a nice solution!
you can change the tempo of a multi track session, Cubase follows. :slight_smile:

also a nice vid:
“How to Record Audio at Different Rates in Cubase”:

the pool is a bit awkward - you can change the algo (tape e.g.) direct in the info line (!)

Yes. track versions are perfekt for this - you can switch between the tempo track´s 2 states (normal speed vs. slower) with the use of a keycommand.