VCA + Automation bug

This bug has been around for so many years and i’ve seen it reported many times, why has this not been addressed already?

Having a VCA connected to any channel will disable all the automation on connected channels after you reboot or reload the project.
So every project i load a project that has a VCA connected to any channel, i need to re-enable the automation on those channels every single time i launch the project.

This makes VCA’s a pain in the ass to use, specially when you have hundreds of channels and things buried in folders.

Can we get a status report on this please?


More detail on it here.

I’m running 12 Pro at the latest release and it’s a real pain. It makes VCA automation practically useless.

I would love to see this fixed quickly.



It’s frustrating seeing Steinberg focus on things like a new vocoder instead of addressing bugs like this.


Reported several times. Just stop using VCAs for safety sake. Really screwed us up in the past on revisions.


I can’t vote anymore, but this is a big one. Does make VCAs somewhat unusable in big projects. This gets my vote for major attention ahead of any new features.

Yes, this a big problem with VCA. I’ve reported this bug years ago and nothing has changed. Looks like a real world comedy.

I stopped considering VCA usage when I started reading about this bug.

Not using the Vocoder either! :smiley:

No word from anyone at steinberg about this bug that has persisted for years?
Are they aware?
Are they working on a fix?

Yes… still nothing… and it is serious bug honestly… I don’t use VCA anymore… it’s great, but with this bug it’s absolutely don’t usable…