VCA not saving settings Problem

Hi new here, (long time lurker) just been road testing Cubase 8 etc all very good but have noticed that the “Link Group Settings” for a VCA fader keep resetting to controlling Volume, Sends and Routing after saving and reopening a project.

So if i move an individual fader within a VCA group other faders in that group move as well. I.e. say i have a VCA group for drums if i then move the snare fader all the drum kit faders move. (this linking also applies to sends and routing). If i uncheck “volume” “Sends” and “Routing” in the VCA link Group Settings dialogue it all behaves as it should until i reopen the project then it resets as I described.

Be good to see if any one else has found this,


i’ve since found if i keep a minimum of one option checked in the Link Group Settings dialogue for example “Routing” it retains the setting when reloading a project


Exactly the same thing happened to me tonight on day 2 of checking out 8.
Volume, Send, and Routing.

Took me a minute to find what the problem was.
And it IS a problem. I don’t want to have to link ANYTHING else.

I wish they would COMPLETELY divorce the VCA function from the Link thing.

It just causes complications (Default Multi Record Arm and Multi Select in Mix Console - gotta use “Alt”) and issues (this).


PS I’m a really positive guy :smiley: but with MCU issues and now this I’m getting cranky. Who Beta Tests this stuff? These issues are OBVIOUS . . .

I’m seeing the exact same issue with VCA’s. I reported it in the issues forum.

Wanted to bump this one time . . .

If anyone else could try this it would be apreciated - I want to create an Issue Report but want to make sure it’s not something screwy in our systems (mine and MattJWs).

It’s incredibly simple:

  1. Open an empty project.
  2. Add, say, 8 audio tracks.
  3. Select 2 or 3 of them and Right Click on one of these and select “Create VCA Fader for Selected Channels”.
  4. Make sure that, in the “Edit Link Group Settings . . .” (accessible from the lower right down arrow on the top part of the VCA Fader and other places), ONLY “Use VCA Fader” is checked. This seems to default to several items checked (for no good reason I can think of . .).
  5. Save the Project.
  6. Open the Project.
  7. Try moving ONE of the members of the VCA Group by itself (not the master).
    Can you adjust it separately? Or do all the Groups faders move with it?
    If it moves by itself - Post here and tell me I’m crazy.
  8. If ALL the VCA Groups faders move together (wrong), open the “Edit Link Group Settings . . .” again (as above) and see what is now checked. In my case it’s always Volume, Sends, and Routing.

Post here and let us know.

Many Many Thanks!


Confirmed - exactly as described in HughH’s recipe. See sig for system detail.



I have confirmed this exact behavior after saving and re-opening as you listed in your recipe on
Cubase Pro 8 on Windows 7 64 bit Ult.

You should post to ISSUES.

Update to the ISSUE:

I have discovered the source of the issue…

When you deselect all items, SAVE, Close, Re-open

the Edit Link Group defaults are re-set and include Volume linking for the group (which sets the same fader position on all group members)

Edited settings:
Settings automatically set after save and re-open
The previously deselected settings are automatically reselected and now include VOLUME linking.

Thanks, Everyone.

I posted to Issues.


Good find Hugh!

That one is a BIG Issue and should be added to the version 8 Known Issues ASAP. I’m a little surprised that one made it through the BETA Test !!??

Hi yes as i mentioned in my second post the work around is to select a minimum of one linked option that is the least troublesome, which for me was to pick “routing”, then you can have all other links deselected then you can save and reopen a project without it reverting to the default state of volume, sends, routing being linked, but needs fixing asap.


yepp if at least one of the linking is enabled it’s working otherwise it’s falling back to the default state

EDIT: Sorry for confusion (I pulled the trigger too fast)

Please see my two next posts.

I believe you’ll find that “Volume” create a volume “Link” group.
Similar to a VCA but by default all the faders move when you move one (Alt defeats this).
Several other differences.

Not the same.


i’m not sure what it is you mean-- if you just wanted to link channels’ inserts, for instance, a VCA wouldn’t be needed. not saying i am against fixing what is clearly a bug, just curious to find out about people’s VCA related workflows…

The great thing about the VCA fader is that it’ll control all VCA grouped faders up and down as a group but you can still move the faders within the group independently of each other. Where as if the the linking check box marked “volume” is selected (by the bug) then moving one fader within the group will move all the others which defeats the purpose of VCA.

I know VCA’s :wink:

I will look into it (a bit more).
IMO the VCA’s should be completely independent of the regular Link options.
I do believe that they’ve had to use the Link options (behind the scenes) to be able to implement the VCA feature, which in that case is just a modified Link option.

I agree that from your description, it seems like a “bug”, hmmmm :confused:

The problem is that his is NOT a real VCA system.

It is the same old Link features with the possibility to add a fader. It shouldn’t even be called a VCA fader IMO.

It took me two minutes :wink:

And I am 100% agree on all accounts with HughH (and probably many others) on this.

PS. Have their Beta testers worked on a real VCA system? Hmmm :confused:

As far as I am concerned, this is a bug.
Only -and only then- happens when you deselect all of the link options.


The other problem is that when you select one of the tracks, it selects all. So it is NOT possible to distinguish between a Group (link) and VCA Group. These should be completely seperated IMO.

I see this as a Group/Link Master Fader, with an added Trim Automation possibility (like we always could’ve done from the Automation panel).
I don’t wan’t to select a track within a VCA group, with all other tracks being selected as well. Not good.

So with that “bug” out of the way, it could be handy in certain situations. But I hope they seperate the VCA feature completely from the Grouping/Linking system, making it closer to a “real” VCA fader/track system.
By mixing the VCA with the Groups/Links, it can fast become more complicated than necesarry IMO.

Please Steinberg, let as many seasoned VCA users test this as possible.
And listen, listen, listen to the feedback.