Verse numbering

Please have a look into the attached sample. After I added the additional lyrics for the soprano voice, Dorico automatically added the verse numbers. How can I get rid of them without turning off “Automatic verse numbering” globally.


Unfortunately at present you can’t. You could stick a graphic frame containing a plain white graphic on top of it, but that’s obviously something of a kludge…

We’ll see if we can come up with a good way of sorting this out in the future.

Thank you, Daniel, for your response.

For those cases it would be useful to be able to set the background colour of a graphics frame. Then you could set it to “white” and the frame would cover any object that should be hidden. That’s much easier and quicker than importing a blank graphic into that frame.


Selecting the lyric that is numbered and having in the properties a button (like for trill line) “is numbered” would be consistent :wink:

Marc, you are certainly right: For verse numbers a checkbutton would be the best solution.
But as a longtime Finale user I often need to cover objects with a white/blank rectangle. And I think these cases will occur in Dorico too.


Dear Thomas,
I truly think that Dorico’s team purpose is to NEVER make us need for some blank rectangle to cover anything !

I agree! Other than the Finale team, the Dorico team takes us seriously and attempts to implement our whishes as soon as possible.

But in the meantime there will be situations that could be easily solved by covering with blank rectangles. For instance it is not yet possible to write Instrument names in two lines. You always get “Soprano/Alto”; my publisher insists on


If a text frame had a background colour, this could easily be done.


Daniel and I discussed a similar related topic months ago in this thread:

FWIW, it is possible to cover up things by entering a character or three using Shift-X… Set the foreground’s alpha channel to zero and the background colour to white, and position it in Engrave mode.

Thank you for this great idea!