Version 3.0 Update for UR-C Interfaces

We are pleased to announce the release of an update version 3.0 for the entire range of UR-C audio interfaces.
UR-C version 3.0 is a major update, specially designed for anyone who uses UR-C series audio interfaces for streaming. At the heart of the update is dspMixFx UR-C version 3.0, which adds new features to make UR-C interfaces more user-friendly and versatile. As well as a new multistream audio driver, there is a new dedicated streaming mix with exclusive effect slot, featuring new DSP-based effects like gate, compressor, ducker and multi-band-compressor. In addition, a voice changer plug-in and a delay have been added to the range of DSPpowered plug-ins for monitoring and recording, while improvements to the user interface have made dspMixFX more intuitive to use.
The UR-C version 3.0 update is available for the entire range of UR-C audio interfaces, updating the firmware as well as providing an update for the TOOLS for UR-C (which also includes an updated version of the dspMixFX UR-C application).
The update can be found here.
An iOS app update of dspMixFX UR-C is available through the AppStore.

Best regards,
Stefan Schreiber


I just installed the software for my UR44C without any problems.

But why is it still using the old eLicenser control panel?

This is the only piece stoping me from removing the old USB-eLicenser. The new Steinberg licensing is now more than two years old.


Is it possible to use the newly added DSP FX (Pitch Fix, Gate, etc) as VST3 effects within Cubase for example?

And if so, do they rely on the Steinberg Licensing model or do you still need the E-Licenser USB dongle?

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It is not possible to use the new effects as regular VST 3 plug-ins.

Unfortunately, we are not quite ready to move away from the eLicenser based license for the Basic FX Suite just yet. However, it is planned for later this year.


Nice one.

I updated all without needing to click allow in the Security & Privacy window in System Settings. Is this now not necessary?

I did encounter a hiccup though when trying to update the firmware within the dspMixFX app… Kept saying there is no connection to my UR22C. After a couple of attempts, I restarted my Mac and it updated first time.

FINALLY !!! it took Steinberg more than 3 years(!) to make it possible to rename the inserts in the Dspfx mixer…
But hey, thanks for that.



as I have noticed, there is unfortunately no new version available for the “dspMixFx Remote Bridge”, which is an essential functional part of this suite. It seems that still version V1.0.0 is available only on Steinberg’s page.

Does that really mean that the “UR24C” interface is still not supported by the “dspMixFx Remote Bridge” Software? As before, I can only see that currently UR44C and UR816C are listed there. Can you please clarify?

I have waited a long time already for the remote bridge software to finally work with my UR24C, in fact even since I have bought that hardware!

Thanks in advance for your reply.

URC Got Updates AXR4 not … can’t believe … next time I will buy the cheaper model …

Update on windows don’t work…
the firmware and the Tools remane the same old stuff.

What update is not working, what error do you get. A little bit more detail would be helpful.

I’ve installed the V3.0 update and firmware (UR44C) without any problems.

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Have updated my 816C and miss the Gate, Multiband Compressor and Dukker. Even some Insert Slots are missing, too.

I’m a little bit concerned. I just updated and now I’m not able to do what I used to do. My setup to stream involved Rogue Amoeba’s Loopback and Audio Hijack to basically grab my mic input channel to apply a bunch of plugins to it before it went into OBS. Unfortunately now I’m not able to grab say Input channel 1 from the interface, because I only have the DAW, Music/Streaming and Voice drivers and I can’t access channels individually. On top of that I just bought Blue Cat Audio’s PatchWork to run my VST3 plugins in OBS which currently only accepts VST2 plugins, but now it is completely useless because I can’t process my mic individually. I only get all my playback including the mic summed up which is pretty bad. It is definitely great for people that don’t have Loopback and all these things, but now I kinda can’t use all these additional softwares any more. Hopefully there is a way to fix this in a future update or I might have to revert back to the old version if that is even possible

Why is the function removed for the large INPUT meter section on top??
I use my UR816C only for outboard gear ins and outs, so the large metersection was really handy, but it’s gone…I do not want to see the insert-rack !

Hi I have updated the dspmix for ur-c to version 3 and now there are no yamaha amps

I updated my MacBook Pro and now Im getting the full mix being recorded in Logic, even though ive set the channel inputs to 1+2.
How can I stop this? Was working perfectly before the update.

I was under the impression that version 3.0 wouldn’t need Mac users to change the security policy anymore. Could have sworn I read somewhere that the next update won’t require it. Maybe that was for the AX series and thought it would apply to UR-C as well.

Anyway, if anyone is wondering, I just did a complete erase and fresh install of macOS and version 3.0 still requires to change the security policy.

And also, it had to install Rosetta which surprised me.

Ah, I’ve been waiting for this! Thanks!

Is there a use for the Dry/Mix knob in the new Tools program? Mine seems to stay greyed out permanently with my UR22-C.

You have to go into the settings of the DSP mix FX and go to “Mix 4” and select “streaming” instead of the default “monitor.”

Once you do that, a new row of inserts will appear on the streaming tab.

For each of the INPUT channels, you can add morphing channel strip, an amp simulator or pitch fix in each of the top two slots. In the bottom slot, you can add either gate or comp.

On each of the other BUS channnels (DAW, Music, Voice), you can add the ducker, and on the MASTER BUS, you can add Multi Band compression.