Version 3.0 Update for UR-C Interfaces

windows 11 same about information as Mrroosty1 driver 2.16… no picth fx present .i tried to find update 3 of driver there is none on windows…pls help i updated everything unistaled and reactive everything more than 3 times…

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There is no higher release of the ASIO driver than V2.1.6 for Windows, the V3.x release is on MacOS only.

Pitch fix also doesn’t show up for me.

Too bad not all Steinberg forums get the same attention.

Hello B.Minor.
I’m wondering which download page you are referring to?
The dspMixFX Remote Brdige is available all the time and has not been removed.
You can find it here.
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Stefan Schreiber

Hi Stefan,
Thanks for your reply. I was referring to the download page
UR-C Updates and Downloads | Steinberg.
However, as it seems, I was always scrolling all the way down to the last title also called" dspMixFX Remote Bridge" but which was already under the “older downloads” section. Only a Mac download version is visible there, but no Win version. At least now I know that I have always looked at the wrong place. Mea culpa - sorry for that.

There seems to be problems with this version especially on Windows. For example, I did the upgrade (including firmware) and none of the new functionality was present. I had to remove everything and reinstall and at least now I am showing what others are seeing. However, I still have problems. The Steinberg video (albeit on a Mac) shows that moving the volume knob on the UR44C is reflected in DspMix, on my PC it does not work.

Secondly, if I select the Stream Mix, the Music volume fader has no effect at all when moving it up and down. If I change the volume level directly in my music application Spotify/iTunes, this affects the volume in DspMix but the faders do not move. If I select Mix 1 , the music fader works!!.

Also, if I click on the No Effect drop down, I used to have the Guitar Amp Classics simulators of Lead, Crunch, Clean and Drive. These have disappeared. On the Mix 1/2 channels the dropdown just has No Effect and Ch.Strip, clicking on the Stream Mix results in another effects row being added to the mixer and the dropdown has No Effect, Gate, Comp.

There are so many weird things going on here

I’m really confused with this new update. Ran into issues while recording a podcast and now also on Zoom calls.

Is this expected behavior? I have MacOs System:
–Input set to Voice
–Output set to Streaming/Music

I have Zoom Mic and Speaker set to “same as system”.

I’m playing Spotify and it shows up on Streaming/Music on interface…but it also is getting routed through Voice into the microphone of Zoom? Why would I want that? If I have Voice selected as Mic for Zoom, why is the Streaming/Music interface getting pumped into Zoom (similar to how loopback used to work). I do not have the Stream button pressed either, I’m on mix 1. Even if I mute the Streaming/Music input on the interface so I can’t hear it through my speakers/headphones, it still gets sent to Voice and into Zoom Microphone.

This is driving me crazy…is this a bug? its like loopback is stuck on now and you can’t turn it off? Not thrilled with complexity of new update - seems to have broken basic usage…

Am I missing something or is this a bug?

Ok - through some trial and error, I found that muting mix 2 Streaming/Music stops it from being routed to Voice input…does Mix 2 have different functionality in new release? Documentation mentions something briefly…but doesn’t really say much more…

“The streaming mix is output to streaming and Mix2 is output to Voice”

If this is true, then I guess I’m going to have to resave all my presets…

I have the same problem, I don’t understand why, it just disappeared, I uninstalled updates and firmware and re-installed, still this efect did not appear. Why can’t the manufacturer give a normal answer?

Hi, I have UR816c, Cubase Pro 13 and on Mac. When I try to use DAW mode High Precision it changes to voice driver, do I need Daw mode High precision for 32 bit recording or I can use normal daw mode? Why is there High Precision if it is not working?

Pitch fix just doesn’t show in the list.