Version 3.0 Update for UR-C Interfaces

I have a Behringer ADA8200 for ADAT extension, I always monitor my inputsignals on my ipad, all 16 channels work. My W10-PC is with cablenetwork, ipad WIFI. WOrks even on my old Ipad4. I did not do anything special.

UPDATE: I can hear the effect of Multib.compressor from Headphone2Out, but the Main Out is not effected. Tried all three Steinberg output options in Windows sound settings. Also there are no more routing options in UR44c settings either.

So, with UR44c the only way to get “stream out” to Main Output would be to route stereo output of Phones2 to extra stereo pair inputs via Y-cable? Maybe a software option for routing would be better, like seemingly in 816c?

-All tests made listening to online music input-

Thanks Stefan for your reply.

However, as I have just noticed, Steinberg obviously removed the dspMixFx Remote Bridge for Windows completely from their download page. It is simply not there anymore.

Is there any particular reason for that decision? Are you eventually going to release a new version soon, replacing the old Windows application?

Same for me. I don’t see a Streaming option. I see DAW, Voice and Line.
No matter what I do, the OBS doesn’t recognize Cubase. It’s frustrating.

So, it looks like I have a different settings screen.
This is what the URC22 is supposed to have (according to the updated manual):

And this is what I actually have:

In the first picture it looks like the audio can be set to streaming.

Did you click on the Mixer icon left of the green cog wheel ?
Did you do the update to the latest firmware version ?

Yes and yes. Update was forced after I updated it from a previous version.
The Mixer just shows, well, the mixer.

Uploading: image.jpeg…

Warum habe ich nach Anschluss des IPad Pro an Steinberg UR 44 C diese beiden Felder ausgegraut.?
LG vom Siggi

I just installed this but I cant see the lables at the bottom and have no way changing the size of the view

Does the firmware update require that the unit NOT be in HA Mode? thanks

oops found the zoom and fixed it

Are you really posting something positive? Are you feeling unwell? lol
All in jest my friend

Hi, I have installed everything, including the
Driver Beta version, and I do not see the 3 drivers in the sound menu, what am I missing? I already restarted the computer and nothing, Mac Studio Sonoma

Uninstall the driver version V4.0.3b and reinstall the TOOLS for URC driver and the 3 drivers appear, what happened? What is the beta version for then?

Hello, could someone clarify me what is the “voice” driver for, in which cases it can be used? And from where the signal enters the voice channel in the mixer?

I noticed exactly the same thing, in the updated manual they show a very different configuration window, the one shown after the update

Hi i need help.
I just download it and on control panel i dont see LINE.
i can see only DAW MUSIC VOICE.
how can i fix it please?

They made changes, now Daw is for use with a daw, the stream/music is to listen to music and the system will operate normally and do streaming, and the voice one for app to do video calls seems to be.

@Stefan_Schreiber :
Hi Stefan,
after two weeks of my first enquiry I’m still wondering why now the dspMixFX Remote Bridge for Windows has been removed completely from Steinberg’s download page. Is there any specific reason for that? Thanks in advance for clarification.

Thanks so much for the update! I don’t know if this is the place for a feature request, but is there any chance you can implement models of mic preamps like Neve, Focusrite, Helios, API, etc? That would really be awesome.