vertical line on a rest

Hi, could you please help me to understand a new lines feature - how do I draw vertical dashed lines on a rhythmic positions of all the rests? If its possible, wont it change an appearance, when I hide all the rests after that? Thank you😊

This falls outside the scope of the new Lines feature: a) there has to be a note for there to be a line, and b) vertical lines are expected to appear to the left or right of the notehead, not directly above. You could cheat it with some hidden noteheads, I guess…

Right. Definitely possible.

  1. Create a Notehead Set that contains an eighth rest glyph, which you’ll use on the final eighth.
  2. Create a Notehead Set that contains an empty glyph that you’ll use on the repeated Es you’re going to insert.
  3. Add a dashed line to the first stop, then use the Top/Bottom position properties to line up with the notehead. Fine tune in Engrave mode (note that there’s an invalidation glitch - these won’t show correctly in Write mode).
    Should look like this:

  1. Add another E on the second eighth of the bar, then add a dashed line. Basically repeat step 3.
  2. Select the E you’ve just added and the tweaked dashed line, then repeat a bunch of times.
  3. Put an additional Bb above the final eighth, then set it to use the Rest notehead. (You’ll need to redo the dashed line, as it will automatically have risen)
  4. Hide ledger line for final “rest”
  5. Add horizontal lines.

Thus far you should have something that looks like this:

  1. Hide Stems.
  2. Suppress Playback (if that’s important to you).
  3. Switch that bunch of Es over to the Hidden noteheads.
    End result:

I did all of that from scratch in approximately ten minutes. I’ve done crazier things for clients in the past, but it’s not exactly how I like to spend a week :wink:

Unbelievable! Thank you very much for such extremely helpful answer, Leo. I will follow your tutorial. Thank you very much for taking time to explain everything in detail.

Thank you Leo for inspiration. I did it even without 1 and 2 step adding two lines to the 6th eight note and tuning a second one quickly in engraving mode😊

I’d like to officially ask that vertical lines be allowed to attach to rests — including whole rests, if needed — it’s something that comes up and these sorts of workarounds are obviously not ideal. I’d also like to request that it be possible to turn off “collision avoidance” for vertical lines, since that means it’s difficult to create the line on the nearest note and move it over in Engrave mode (since the line creates extra space for itself).

I ran up against the same issue today. At first I thought it might have been an issue with implicit rests, so I added an explicit one, but to no avail. While the former didn’t surprise me once I thought of it as a possibility, the latter certainly did. I had an 8th note followed by an 8th rest and I needed the 8th rest to be included in the bracket. Took a minute of finagling in engrave mode.