Vertical zoom focused on the selected track

Hi, Steinberg. Something here that has been annoying me for ages:

When you do vertical zooming - by mouse or keyboard - the focusing seems completely arbitrary. It’s frustrating to make a full vertical zoom-in and then search your desired (selected) track among the 60 of others.

I’m quite sure that you agree with me, that there is NOTHING good with the current behavior of vertical zooming? I’m also sure that you agree with a lots of us, that when vertically zooming in, one prefers to maintain focus on something important - like a selected track?

Currently the behavior is such a huge DRAG - to say the least. It slows you down considerably and is quite tedious. However, for making it to maintain focus on the selected channel (or the upper-most of the selected channelS) would be very reasonable. Whatever point you examine this from.

Anybody agree?



Much work needs to be done in this area.

Hopefully it will come in the 5.5.3 update which will in turn translate to 6


Aloha, Tommy


Agreed, zooming with a mouse in Cubase 3/4/5/6 is cumbersome.

I’d also like to see pinch-zooming with Apple’s track pads and Magic Trackpad - like in Logic Pro. Once you get used to it, it’s really hard to go back. FWIW, a lot of Apple’s other apps don’t support it, like Pages, Numbers, etc…


Oh, what is it like? I mean how does it work? Never siin Logic Pro… :blush:

There was a thread mentioning this about a week ago, I think. I agree though, vertical zooming should center on the selected track.

Oh its just a joy with trackpad in logic. With two fing you zoom in and out. Pure pleasure, really wish that with cubase! All the best!

Well, there’s two ways of using the track pad to zoom in logic.

For separate for vertical AND horizontal zooming is to hold the option key and then drag two fingers. Dragging up or down zooms in and out vertically, and dragging left and right zooms in and out horizontally. Cubase is similar, but hold the command-key and you can two-finger drag left or right, but not up or down. In Logic, the two-axis drags is really cool in that you can zoom in both directions quickly and fluidly.

For horizonal zooming- you put two fingers on the pad and spread them apart - i.e., drag both fingers away from each other, and it zooms. Pinch them together and it zooms out. However, Logic has no no pinch gesture for vertical zooming. Cubase seems to ignore all pinch gestures.

I think even this system could be improved, and it’d be great to see Cubase beat Logic to it. My preference would be:

  • = zoom horizontally
  • option+ = zoom vertically
  • option+command = zoom selected track only vertically

The strange part is that there’s be meaningful way to zoom the selected track horizontally, so the key combinations would seem strange in that there’d be no command combination… Prolly best to make that combination just zoom all tracks horizontally just like the pinch gesture with no modifier keys.

Another option, which I think I’d like even better would be to use the pinch gesture to zoom in both directions - allowing for a really quick one handed zoom. A single modifier key could be used to zoom the selected track vertically.

Admittedly, I’m kind of confused about the state of multi-touch gestures in windows - I know it’s been demo’d on Windows 7 though…


Navigation with Apple’s Trackpad seems very twitchy and overly sensitive when scrolling within Cubase. Adjusting the global Trackpad settings seems to have no effect in Cubase either. Not good when you’ve abandoned your mouse! :cry:

Multi-touch is going to play a bigger and bigger role in computing (across both platforms), so it would be reassuring to know that Steinberg are actually addressing what can be done for navigation.

As someone has already mentioned, the ability to zoom into a specific track is seriously lacking at the moment.

Are there any obvious workarounds or hidden settings that I may have missed that give you a smooth scrolling action? Cubase is such a vast program that it’s easy to miss things. :confused:

I use “Enlarge Selected Track”, manually assigned to Shift-Z. V handy although it does behave a bit oddly sometimes, like set all the track heights to 1 row (v small, anyway). Shift-Z again resets to normal. Any use to you? Crotchety

Yeah I’ve tried that and it’s not ideal to be honest. I’d be happy if I could just achieve mouse wheel style scrolling speeds, without having to go and buy a mouse.

Between the CC121, EditorsKeys keyboard and the Apple Trackpad, my overall control of Cubase is fantastic, but I just with there were options within Cubase to fine-tune the Trackpad.

I really miss good support for Apple Magic Trackpad in Cubase.

Please Steinberg, enable us to swipe it good!

Best regards

Charlie Void

Aloha guys,
I brought this up in another thread.

Seems to me Steiny faces some future GUI challenges when
it comes to remaining cross platform (Mac/PC)
because of the new touch features of both platforms.

Apple has one approach while the new Win 8 will have
‘Metro’ with its own set of touch features etc.

Also ‘HowlingUlf’ started a similar thead:

Interesting days ahead.

Agreed with the OP.

11 years later, I concur with the OP and request the same feature, Namely:

  • a command that centers the selected track(s) vertically.

It’s a hassle having to use the mousewheel which overruns the scrolling, and also the scroll bars for precise movement. Being able to hit a key and have the tracks centered would be great for usability and for the eyes.