Very BAD Yamaha Steinberg Driver V2.0.4 for Windows 10/64

Explain to me how two such large companies as Yamaha in Steinberg have not yet been able to release working drivers for the device usb interface UR 22mk2 and AG03 mixing console, explain HOW. You spared money for creating a driver, spitting on those people who bought your product expecting uninterrupted work from it to create music, but what you actually got: crackling sound and moments when it breaks off and the LED on the device blinks. Where is your conscience? Why did you act so unhumanly towards your consumers from different countries by spitting in their faces? Have the courage to answer for your mistakes or fix these driver curves.

Hi Pavel
I feel your pain.
First I want to ask: is it a new computer, or have you upgraded from 2.0.3?
Lots of people have problems, many related to turbo and/or usb settings on the computer, and many totally impossible to diagnose, but we all try to help each hother.

I don’t need your help, I’ll just throw this Yamaha and Steinberg junk in the trash can. Only I feel sorry for those people who spent their money and are suffering now, I just went to ask a question on their behalf. Yamaha and Steinberg no longer exist for me. Farewell.

Can’t comment on the AG03 console but I used the UR22 MKII interface for a while and had no issues with it but sold late last year as I upgraded to the UR824. Resale value is quite good on the UR22 MKII. I sold mine for more than I paid.

Maybe you have held off throwing it in the bin.

It could be a bad USB cable. I would also prefer to use USB 2.0 ports over the USB 3.0 ports – I think there is advice around about doing this with the UR (pre-C) series. At least some people have reported issues:

On paper it should work in a 3.0 port though.

They say it has been tested:

You could also test with an older driver and see if it works.