Video Decoder for Avid DNxHD - can't download


Can someone from the steinberg team please help I can’t download the decoder, urgently need to use it.
I’ve added a screen grab of what I get when I try download it.

Are you downloading it from your MySteinberg?

Hi, that’s where I’m trying to download it from, with no luck.
All I get is the “access denied” page I posted above.
Is there somewhere else I can download it from?
It’s been more than 90 days since I bought it so I can’t get it from the Steinberg online shop either.

We recently made some changes to our content-delivery platform which may have affected this. I’ve raised it with the appropriate team and will let you know what they say.

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ok thank you

@SizMixing - I’ve sent you a PM

I have the same issue, Ben - though I already have the decoder downloaded and installed, so I don’t need another download.

Hi!, could someone send me the link to download it? I can’t find the file on my user account, I can see the licence in my e licenser but I don’t understand how to use it without it…

At the time of posting this comment, the link still does not work. Thank God I found an installer in my drive. Can you please fix the issue already?

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EDIT: Got the installer from someone. <3

hi everybody,
is it possible that someone of you, or some steinberg support dudes send me a downloadlink for the Avid DNxHD Codec for Nuendo 12. I bought it ,activated it on my
e-licencer, but i got the same troubles like the kollege sizmixing with the errorpage. it is impossible to get the downloadlink. dear steinbergs! this is not funny not to get the downloadlink after i purchased the licence!!!
can anybody sent me the link?

It is absolutely unbelievable this is a problem. I would immediate report this as a fraud charge to my bank.

Buy something and not allowed to download? wtf?

In the same boat here. Bought it and cannot download it.


Same here…

I can download it via “my Steinberg”. But I can remember, when I purchased it, it took some time till it showed up there.

I still have a download link for Windows from my support request back then… [Link removed]

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Anyone have a link for the mac version?


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I just purchased the Video Decoder for Avid DNxHD a few days ago and can’t download it either. Would be nice, if I could finally use my new software! It’s still the same issue the topic starter had, but I’m on Nuendo 12.

mac version is here:
[Link removed]
@Ben_at_Steinberg if i’m not allowed to share it, let me know i’ll take it offline immediately.

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Thanks for the help, but I’m on Windows. :slight_smile:
Would be nice, if Ben or anybody at Steinberg could send it to me.