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As a film composer it is very annoying that a video can only be exported in 16 Bit and 48 kHz. When scoring to picture it would be great to directly export the Video in a Format of my choice (h.264, mov, …) AND audio quality of my choice (24 Bit, 41, 48, 96 etc kHz). Logic and Ableton have that feature. Its long overdue!



I’m super glad that we can export from Cubase now but we always have to use xmedia recode or handbreak to reconvert the files that are way to large for our clients when we need simple reviews or approvals on some stuff. And a lot of my coworkers in sound design work in 96k. They simply cannot use Cubase to export videos. They all switched progressively to other DAWs. Mostly REAPER.



We need export options - this is currently unusable for me.

I’m a professional TV composer mostly writing music for animation series. This function would be really useful if I could choose the encoding. Most 11 minute episode files I get sent are animatics around about 100mb in total - why on earth would I send a massive multi gigabyte file back for review? Same with documentary work - the roughs I work with are much, much smaller than 1080p.

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and I add this not only for the export formats… I had problems to import some video formats, then I would appreciate that all the video formats can be imported and extract audio from video

Still using AudioSpot ER Media Toolkit for transcoding and replace audio in video duties, straight out of Cubase - its a post-export option. But am going to +1 this thread because proper native solutions are always to be welcomed. Agreed, more choice for Import video fomats needed too… they have to understand this, surely…

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+1 definitely needed

Can you give some info on how you’re doing this? How does AudioSpot ER know which video file to use? Or are you just opening the audio track in AudioSpot ER and then selecting the video manually?


Sorry for delay…

Its the latter; still largely a manual operation (I select the video file and drag into MediaER to run the actual ‘replace audio in video’ process), but at least the tool gets populated with my Cubase audio output automatically.

Also, I’ve just seen on their (AudioSpot) website that there’s big changes - they’re moving to a new ‘paid version’ model, from now on basically. You can buy single modules or a full ‘Pro’ bundle. Have a look; there’s added features too, in a new v2.0.x edition. Will need to properly check these out later.

Ar the moment I keep exporting audio to iMovie, which has many video export settings and allows me to keep files size manageable.
At least can we please have the output video file not charged from the format imported?


So AudioSpot ER Media Toolkit has now stopped running since they shifted to a commercial product basis. Can’t afford to purchase just now; lazily round-tripping in free DaVinci Resolve or MPEG Streamclip… just lost that convenience, of the built-in post export process that ER Media ToolKit provided.


Anyway, more flexible video import/export settings for us please…? Before another year is out…?

Thanks for listening

H.264 is a compressed video format so you’ll LOSE video quality if you export in that format :unamused:, which is why professionals use Pro Tools :nerd_face:. If Cubase does decides to give us more video exporting options it should be a popular uncompressed video format like Apple ProRes or better yet Avid DNxHD so users can ditch Pro Tools :laughing:

@HenJayMusic ,
Although I’ll be more than happy to have DNx and ProRes export in Nuendo/Cubase those are also compressed file formats and if I may add, very inefficiently compressed. That’s what makes them fantastic for editing, Broadcast and other goals but I I wouldn’t use them for client approval and other similar purposes.
Either way, both DNx and ProRes are owned by two big entities: Avid and Apple and as such requires licensing on Steinberg’s part.
I really hope Steinberg will include those important formats in the future but don’t think for a second those are uncompressed perfect formats, each one of them has its own issues, DNx has limited video dimensions support and ProRes alters color specs. just by a little bit but it’s a true fact that Apple admit to be true but say “it looks better” (Who gave the the right to decide…?)
Still, more export options are always welcome here and more h264 control is even more so :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:

Guys, vote for this if you want Steinberg to pay attention to it! (+1 doesn’t count anymore)

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@Kollmann_Audio , firstly I voted for your request as I totally agree we should have this included but unlike many others I couldn’t sit and wait for that to happen and that is why I created a toolset to handle ALL kind of videos and audio formats.
With ER Media ToolKit you can do everything you mentioned and much much more, I developed it only for my own needs at first, but in time I’ve found out how many people are craving for those things too and asked me to add more and more features.
This is an extremely powerful tool that even integrates into Steinberg Audio Export window and expedite workflows like no other tool.
Yes, it costs a bit (just enough to let me keep development alive) but if you’re a pro it pays back in less than a week.
By the way, h264 in mp4 container can not (officially) include audio above 16-bit nor do uncompressed Audio, my tool can handle it and can also replace the container into Mov/MKV and soon I’m releasing an update that will include even more option.
I’d love to answer any questions and hear any improvement suggestions you may have.