Video Export Settings

+1 on this. Wanted video export feature for years, it finally arrives, but half finished. Have to re-encode every export via handbrake before sending it to the client.

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Exporting video directly out of Cubase would be a real asset for sending MP4s fo reviewing. These settings make the files way too big for this.
It is such a waste of time to re-render the files in another program for review exports.

For final video production we would not even use these settings. We use professional video editing programs to render files with specific settings.

Have you thought about using Shutter Encoder.? Its free, and on my (very) occasional use I’ve had good success; it has an AV1 output codec too for impressive (small) file size whilst keeping a high quality image. Ideal for shuttling work back and forth, during a projects progress.

Good (very helpful) thread here, that includes a Cubase audio export ‘Post-process’ script:-
Audio Export Post Processing: Open Export Folder - Cubase - Steinberg Forums

This way you just forget rendering any video out of Cubase… :wink:

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Let’s say you’re doing rough sound for a feature-length movie.
It takes a long time to render the video, and after that you need to re-encode it in Shutter Encoder to give it to the client. not a very professional approach, in my opinion.

Another case is short commercials.
You have a lot of small videos,
you need to render each one and then re-encode it again and send to the client.
That’s time consuming

regards, Alex

This is a really good place for Cubase to make some improvements. I like the new feature of exporting timecode. Cool. But these settings are way too big. Can’t we have some additional control over at least the Mb/s rate to bring the file size down to something reasonable?

Come on!!! Let’s DO THIS!! (In the voice of Joe Swanson)

My 15 minute film export is over 16GBytes. There need to be be other codec options in Cubase.