Video Export using Cubase 11 for Dorico Export

Hi there,
as Dorico does not have video export, I purchased Cubase 11 as apparently you can work with videos in Cubase. I’m not sure how it is done though, (I will have to work out how to do this later), but, with this feature, lets say I record a video of my playback of the Dorico score, and the audio playback separately. Can I import the video into Cubase 11, then insert the audio file from Dorico, and then export the video from Cubase 11 with the Dorico audio attached to it, so, that both become one? Thanks for any help with this.


I am not a Cubase expert, but I do not think Cubase can attach a soundtrack to a video and export the combined file.

For that (IIRC) one would use a video program.

Cubase can replace audio in a video

Import the video of the score into Cubase and import the audio of the score and then export the video replacing the audio

See this thread: Exporting video

You can in theory load a video into Cubase, and marry it to an audio clip.

You can, in theory, capture the video & audio in Dorico. On Windows there are the Xbox bar, and Snipping Tool. I haven’t figured a way to route my audio to the app, and so all I get is recorded via my desktop microphone.

Hi, and thanks everyone for your contributions. I really appreciate the help.I’ll see if I can do as some have suggested.



I’ve been playing around with this, in an amateurish way. As others have said a 3rd party video capture program seems the simplest approach.
This is what a I managed to do using the [free] OBS software (low quality to allow upload here).

Is this the sort of output you want to achieve?

Hi Janus, awesome! -thanks for this. Yes, that is exactly what I would like. I don’t know what you used to add the audio to it though. Is the audio the same quality when you exported it with the video file as it was from the original Dorico audio export?
If so, that’s great. Thanks for the link also. I checked my Windows pc by just typing in OBC and I do have it on my 64 bit system. So, what software did you use too add the audio to the OBC video recording? Thanks.

I simply set Dorico to playback whilst recording that into OBS. The audio is what OBS captures from Dorico’s output.

What I’ve not quite sorted is getting the screen layouts to behave nicely. It needs landscape format layouts and some tinkering with zoom. And probably some specialised layout options… If anyone has suggestions how to optimise this?

Thanks Janus. Sounds good. Well, I suppose if OBS is recording the sound and the vision, it should be exactly the same as the Dorico audio. However, I had brought software from a video company, and you had to choose what quality of sound you wanted when exporting the video. So, I’m guessing that when you use some software, and it offers you video recordings that do not give you the same quality.
I suppose the only way for me it to simply try it out.

How to Record Playback Video of The Score - Dorico - Steinberg Forums

This thread might give some other insights.

Thanks for the link Janus, I’ll check this out.