Video Playback Sample Rate Woes

I know this thread already sort of exists, but I wanted to kind of consolidate things here and see if there is any progress or I’m missing something. This problem has severely inhibited a major project I have for postgrad and keeps coming back in a new way that I have no solution for. If this post needs to be moved, that’s fine.
The root of the problem is Zoom changing frame rates from 44.1 to 48. I am doing some very careful work with films from the 1950s and transcribing the voice over as rhythmic/melodic motives, so I absolutely need the soundtrack playback, but it’s extremely volatile. Unfortunately, all of my lessons are over Zoom, so I have to make sure those files are set up in 48K so Zoom changing the sample rate if it’s at 44.1 won’t matter.
Several workarounds I’ve found for when the soundtracks malfunction:

  1. Change the sample rate from whatever it is to something else and then back again, making sure that the audio driver matches. Usually works if the soundtrack is pitched too low.
  2. From terminal run ‘open $TMPDIR’, navigate to the Dorico folder and remove the soundtrack folder. Works sometimes.
  3. Open the soundtracks folder and use the summary.xml file to check which files Dorico is generating the soundtracks from. Use a DAW to export the video soundtrack you need, copy the file name that already exists, delete that file, and rename the one you exported to whatever the old file was. Close Dorico, make sure the sample rate is correct before opening project. Usually works when 2 fails.
    I have no solution for this. I accidentally put two sound files that were encoded at different sample rates in one project and now none of my projects will play the soundtracks anymore and I have to start most of them over. I tried encoding the audio files in 48 and reopening Dorico, but that failed. I don’t understand it at all because the files will all play from the Finder and usually they don’t, which is the first indication of an issue.

I’m at a loss here. I keep thinking I’ve figured it out and then something new happens and it eats up so much time. This is a major project and it’s very high stakes for me as well. I’m finding I am often spending more time problem solving than writing or I’m spending the first 5-10 minutes of my lessons problem solving after about 4-6 months of working on this project. I’m at a loss. Is there a way to tell Dorico which files to choose or something? That might help. I thought of even using Supercollider to make sure that all of the soundtracks used the correct sample rate, but there isn’t a way to extract audio from a video file in SClang that I’m aware of. That means opening Logic, which will reset my sample rate to 44.1 and likely wreak more havoc if I’m not paying attention.

I’ve seen this thread and have been quite active here as well, but it’s pretty long and I thought it would be helpful to consolidate some of my findings. No video sound in Dorico 3 with UA Apollo 8

Sorry to hear of these problems. Unfortunately I don’t think there’s a great solution other than ensuring that everything runs at 48kHz at all times. The video soundtrack itself doesn’t have to be set to 48kHz to begin with, because Dorico will resample the soundtrack to the current device sample rate the first time you open it. But you do obviously need to make sure that everything stays at 48kHz. I would suggest you do a survey of all of the applications you have on your Mac that can influence the sample rate, and make sure they’re all set to 48kHz.