Video Player disappears on second screen when switching applications

Hey folks,

So far I’ve been using Nuendo on a single display, but now made the jump to a dual screen setup. The second screen will only be used to display the video player in full screen mode. But whenever I switch to another application, the video player on the second screen disappears. Looks like the window management is a little bit different for the video player. Unfortunately there is no “Always on top” feature like with plugin windows.

Is this supposed to be that way? I’m on a Mac by the way.


I have 3 monitors setup, but it works to me here (on macOS 10.14).

  • Open Video Player in Nuendo.
  • Maximise it.
  • CMD+Tab to switch to other application (or just click to it).
  • CMD+Tab to switch back to Nuendo (or just click to it).

=> Video Player window is available and maximised.

Am I doing something different from you?

Is the video player also visible while you are using another application? Switching back to Nuendo will bring back the video player, but I want it to stay there always. Here is a short video of the problem:


I see. Then I can confirm your observation. The Video Player is not visible when the other application is in focus. What is expected, because the Video Player window is “Always on Top” enabled. As you said, unfortunately we cannot change it.

WOW !? That’s just a shame for Nuendo and Steinberg! We are talking about a top notch POST-PRODUCTION software for editing audio to PICTURE and we can’t get the video player so stay up front? Seriously? Even the old dinosaur Pro Tools can do that.

Get this fixed Steinberg !

Is this a Mac only thing by the way? Can anyone on a windows machine confirm this behaviour?


No, it’s the same on both systems: Mac and Windows.

Any update on this issue? This is quite annoying! I have the same problem and it has been forcing me to go back to Pro tools out of feeling annoyed :frowning:

Just grab a BM video Card or adapter.
Then the video stays up always on screen.

Just a pity to have to spend 100 bucks just for the video player to stay…

To be able to actually see the video while looking for the appropriate sound, that is money well spent.
100$? Just stay at home eating instead of going out with the family for dinner if you pay for it personally. If you are running a business it’s really not a big ticket item.
The previous intensity pro card I had ran for many years even well aft EOL. Only swapped it out because of it not working with the OS on the new Mac Pro.
Yes it would be nice to have it in Nuendo. Not sure if Steinberg alone can do that though. Maybe.

Well, considering they sell themselves as THE audio post for film software, one would expect such a basic feature. If they wanna compete with Pro tools, then they should consider these basic things… Then again, for Pro tools you pay double the price for the software :smiley:

And it was never ment to be a standalone video application for running another application.
So the argument that the video player dissapears when you bring another application to front is not really a shortcoming within Nuendo.


I disagree. It is a shortcoming. If I am designing sound and I am using something like sound miner or basehead to look for my sounds, I wanna be able to see my video while looking for the appropriate sound. This is a basic feature for a software that is being used for post. If Logic Pro, Pro tools and Reaper manage to keep the video window open, why doesn’t Nuendo?

OK, then it is officially a shortcoming.
Discussion closed.


On second thought. You do have a point when it comes to Basehead/Soundminer.
On the other hand … If you are working on that level, you really should consider a Blackmagic card.
It will free up a screen and will make your life much comfortable.



I work with immersive audio (VR, 360 Video), so Nuendo was a great upgrade from Protools for that, but to be honest, Im still more of a Protools user when it comes to “regular” post and non immersive. There will never be a perfect DAW and that’s why I find myself jumping from one DAW to the other. And no, it doesn’t drive me crazy and yes, I do use all the same shortcuts to not go crazy :smiley: