Video preloader engine problem

hi there,everytime i go to shut down my pc i get a box saying Video preloader engine cant end, and i have to force it to close down .its has only started happening since I installed 6.5 . . so i suppose it has something to do with it. Is the Video preloader engine part of cubase by the way ?. thanks

Yes, the video preloader is part of Cubase.

Did you use any video while you were using Cubase?
Did you scan new folders in the MediaBay?
Does Cubase close normally?

Are you on Mac or PC?

thanks for your reply, no i dont use video when using cubase . no i havent scanned mediabay .Will that make a difference?
yes cubase closes down ok , i am on pc. thanks

some more questions:

After closing Cubase, do you see the “VideoEnginePreloader.exe” still running in the Task Manager? Is there anything else with the name “VideoEngine***” ?

Do you have quicktime 7 installed or not?
Which graphics card do you have?

hi there, after closing cubase there is nothing in the task manager.
i have quick time 7.6.5 installed .
my graphics card is Nvidia GeForce 7300se/7200gs .

i go to shut down my pc

Well, this doesn’t mean you shut down your PC/Windows? But you have the problem while closing Cubase?

Perhaps there is a Problem inside the video engine in combination with your graphics card.
If you don’t work with Video, you could try to remove the video engine:

hi there thanks for your reply, when i close cubase there is no problem with anything it closes as normal ,but like i said earlier it is only when shutting down the pc that the little window pops up saying that the video preloader is still running,although nothing is showing in the task manager,and so i have to force it to shut down with the “do you want to end now you might lose any unsaved data blah! blah! command”.but seen as i dont use video this isnt a problem…i think. thanks for your help,i`ll have a look at removing the video engine.

hi bodo ,thanks ,your solution worked , i think cubase even opens up a bit quicker now, no more twiddling thumbs for as long . cheers