I wonder what I have to mind when buying a video-card for Nuendo 5? What does Nuendo support, and are there any way at all to get an old Matrox Parhelia (I have an APVe) to show video from N5? I have plugins for a lot of different video-editors, and the card was per facto made for these kind’a things, so what differs it from a dedicated video-card??

it depends if you want to run video on your computer display or on an external monitor (ie a large screen tv). for me the latter is by far the best solution as you can pipe multiple feeds to various screens (engineer, clients, v/o, etc). to achieve this you need to use decklink cards;


I use a second computer running cubase linked via midi timecode.
For me this is the best solution since it does not take away any performance from the main system. At the same time it opens up the possibility to use almost any file a customer will throw at me. For best results I ask for Dnxhd or Pro Res, but small h264s run surprisingly well, too.