Videoproblem using the arrangertrack

Several posts on this by now and still no fix. Im using Cubase in a live-setting. A project consists of several songs on different tracks and each song also have a dedicated video to it. The problem starts when using the arranger track. Lets say you have song A, B and C.
Using the arranger to play in the following order without stopping A - B - C the music and video is working fine.
Then when setting up the arranger to for example play A- C- B the video on C and B is black. However if I stop the song after A, and then continue with C, the video on C play backs fine.

Can anyone of you confirm this on your system? Any workarounds?

I have the same problem…
I also use arranger track in live performance with audio and video. I tried import one video with A B C , and I cant play A B C…or B A C, but C B A works… I have no clue whats going on…see my post and video of the issue

Just got an email from support :

“The developers are aware of the arrangement track not working well with the video track.
Unfortunately this bug will not be corrected as there are more important priorities.”