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I don’t know if anyone else has mentioned this, but it’s not possible to run Dorico while the Vienna Assistant is downloading the updated VSL iLok products. Just having it open (but not downloading) doesn’t seem to cause this problem. This is the error message I get:


Pressing Relaunch doesn’t do anything

Probably because your whole bandwidth is taken by Vienna assistant…

It does use a lot of bandwidth, but the message comes up right away. Also, I thought Dorico didn’t have to phone home every time you open it.

So did I, but I noticed how more complicated it seems to launch Dorico when the network is slow…

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Dorico does not phone home when you launch it. It is not attempting to contact a remote server. It is trying to establish a connection to the Steinberg License Engine, which is a process that runs on your local computer and which is automatically spawned when an application that uses Steinberg Licensing (like Dorico 4, or Cubase 12) or when Steinberg Activation Manager itself is launched. If your system was heavily loaded with lots of network and disk activity, it’s conceivable that Steinberg Licensing Engine may take longer to spawn than usual. It’s also the case that Steinberg License Engine has a connection to the old eLicenser system on your computer, as it may need to ask the eLicenser about sample content that you have installed. I don’t have any idea what the VSL update procedure entails, but it’s certainly not inconceivable that it too might be reading and writing data to the eLicenser, in which case that could also impact Steinberg License Engine’s ability to start up.

The bottom line is: Dorico does not phone home when you start it, so let’s nip that kind of conspiratorial talk in the bud, please.


Thanks Daniel

Do you use Vienna Ensemble Pro 7? I can’t get it to install using Vienna Assistant. Not having it is a major PITA as all my Dorico templates are set up to reference it. All my other VSL stuff installed fine. Obviously this has nothing to do with Steinberg and of course I’ve already contacted VSL support, just wondering if you use it and if you could get it to work with Vienna Assistant.

Along the lines of this Vienna Assistant conversation, I’m running into problems with it and Dorico Pro 4.1; after installing everything and having the iLok act, I open a project that uses VSL instruments, and the instrument doesn’t load up automatically like it use to. I have the artic maps installed.
Any ideas why this might be happening?

Hi @algae592009 , though I doubt that I will be able to see something from the diagnostics, but could you please do - while that project loaded - from the menu Help > Create Diagnostics Report and post the corresponding zip file. Thanks

This is a VSL issue that they are aware of and working on fixing

Dorico (775.1 KB)

That’s good to know. Im trying out the VSL Prime
Pack. The template they made for Notion 6 works perfectly; Vienna Ensemble automatically opens, populates the instruments, and I’m good to go.
Hopefully, the VSL folks will get it working with Dorico. The VSL Prime instruments do load in Dorico, but, at least with me, they only open in Dorico’s VST- not Vienna Ensemble. That overwhelms my system capabilities for playback😏

The Dorico Template is setup to open individual instances of the player. I don’t think they have any planes to change that. You can redirect the routing to VEP when you setup a project.

Thanks. I’ll have to teach myself how to do that. I was hoping their Dorico template would work like the one they made for Notion 6-VE is automatically opened and populated when choosing their Notion template😏

Hi @algae592009 , thanks for the data.
As expected, I could not find a hint in there. However, I saw that you have both, the VST2 and VST3 flavour of the Vienna instruments installed. It could be also an incompatibility issue between the two flavours.
I would at least take the VST2 Viennas from the whitelist and by that blocking them. Then restart Dorico and try again, maybe even start a new project from scratch.

I’ll try that. Now that you mention the VST’s, I’ remember that you can’t really distinguish between them in the Dorico window for Allowing & Blocking.
I’m not even sure why I have both. Aren’t VST3 the newer versions of VST’s?
In any case, thanks again for the suggestion.

VEP can still only host VST2…

Yes, VST3 is the newer version and should be always preferred over VST2, if possible.

The allow/blocking area in the Dorico Preferences dialog really only deals with VST2 plug-ins. VST3 plugs are always allowed and can not be blocked (at least not from the user side).

If one blocked the VST2 plug-in in Dorico, would that prevent its use in Dorico (second hand, so to speak) via VEP?

No, VST2 would still work in VEP

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