Vienna Ensemble Pro takes too long to open in 12.0.10

Hi Matthias ,

Just to let you know we have an issue with Vienna ensemble pro 7.0.1113 & 1120 ( elicenser version ) and cubase 12.0.10
When we want to open the VEP plug-in in cubase 12.0.10 . It can take up to 2 minutes to open the plug-in window (rainbow circle on Mac OS X ) .
We didn’t have this issue with cubase 12.0.0 original release .
If you have time to fix it for the next update , it would be great .

Cubase 12 on iMac i7 10th / 64gb ram
VEP 7 0.1113 & 1120 on MacBook Pro i9 64 gb ram
Mac OS X Monterey 12.3.1 on both computer .

Thanks in advance.

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hi, i just want to report an issue that i’m having on cubase 12.0.10 update regarding selecting midi tracks that connected to VEPRO.
i’m using hackintosh, macOS 11.6.5.
i’m running a vienna ensemble pro (VEPRO) server connected to cubase using vst plugin. single machine setup.
since i updated to 12.0.10, every time i click on any midi track in cubase that connected to VEPro, it will freeze for 3-5 sec (pointer turns into rainbow) before proceeding. if i select more than one midi track, the freeze is also getting longer. this been really frustating,. so i decided to downgrade to 12.0.0 for now, and everything went back to normal and stable.




I’m sorry, you are using unsupported (hack) computer and also unsupported system version.

Cubase 12.x is compatible with (real) macOS 11 and 12 only.

well, i believe it’s basically the same just like any other mac intel. and i’m using real macOS 11 too, downloaded from apple server.
let’s see if i’m the only one who experiencing this issue or not. because everything is running normal in 12.0.0.

In Cubase Elements 11 the gui of VEP7 Instruments opens right away, in Cubase 12.0.10 it takes up to 10 seconds every time.
Did not test many, but other VSTi GUIs seem to open equal fast in both Versions.

Can anyone confirm this?



I have combined some of the reports on issues with Vienne Ensemble Pro.

@Sotoko @Dirx Can you confirm that the issues go away when you roll back to Cubase 12.0.0?

Thank you for your help.


Hi Matthias ,

Yes I can confirm that the issue gone away when I rolled back to cubase 12.0.0 .

Thanks ,

Julien .


I also can confirm, that after I now rolled back to 12.0.0 the issue has gone away.


Yep, can confirm the same issue in 12.0.10 and it goes away when I roll back to 12.0.0.

Windows 11, Vepro 7.1.1263

This broke my template because I have Atmos on a new project and need to stay on 12.0.10

Just to agree with sotoko, I’m having the same issue. No choice had to go back to cubase 11.

Mac mini 2018
Mac OS 12.31 Monterey
64 gb 3.2 ghz 6 core

Intel core i7 3.40 GHZ
Windows 10
128 gb

Vienna ensemble 7 .0.1120

Yes I confrim, going back to 12.0 the issue goes away.

More reports of the same issue VEP7 and Cubase 12.0.10 issue | VI-CONTROL

I contacted VSL and they confirmed the issue on their end with Cubase 12.0.10, on both Mac and Windows. Rolling back to 12.0.0 made it go away. Happens with any version of VEP7. They have created a developer case (I imagine with Steinberg).

Hoping 12.0.20 will roll out asap with a fix. Very distressing to have a .10 update break Vienna this bad.

Hi Matthias ,

here is an update about VEP 7 & Cubase 12 .0 20 .
So It’s a little bit better on my side . It takes around 1 minute or a little bit less to open the plugin in Cubase 12 .
But still longer than Cubase 12.0.0
this issue occurs with the VEP 7 licenser and ilok version .

Thanks for your support ,

Julien .

Cubase 12 on iMac i7 10th / 64gb ram
VEP 7 0.1113 & 1120 on MacBook Pro i9 64 gb ram
Mac OS X Monterey 12.3.1 on both computer .

Thank you for the feedback. Still, it’s strange that it takes so long an your system. We had feedback from our beta testers that the loading time was decreased to a couple of seconds.

Ok so I just noticed something . It takes 1 minute to open BUT if I close it and reopen it it takes a couple of seconds like your beta Testers mentioned , so much better than Cubase 12.0.10 .

UPDATE : if I close my session and reopen it , the VEP Plugin in cubase still takes 1 minute to open and the VEP instance on my server computer can’t disconnect , So I have to force to quit Cubase 12 .
Unfortunately I have to roll back to cubase 12.0.0 for the moment .

EDIT. not fixed, please see this post.

Do you work on a slave or local computer ?
I have the same issue with version 7.1.1298 as well .
So I Have to investigate more …

I have one slave but I just tested a local connection and the numbers are roughly the same: 1 second when I first load the plugin and then it opens instantly.

ok thanks for the update , I will give it a try .
Update :
I tried on my local computer .
Same issue .
Would it be an OS X problem ?

Actually it’s weird because I have the same issue on my Mac book pro i9 , VEP on local host .
So it’s not my system because I have the same issue on both system ( iMac and macbook pro ) .

I’m on Mac OSX Monterey 12.3.1 by the way . Would it be the problem ?