Violn 1 Div (inverted staves)


I am using condensing to manage the String Divisi.

It all works fine, but I would like the two div voices to appear as two separate voices (with inverted stems), as usual. Does anyone know how to do that?
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Check out the first two settings in Notation Options > Condensing.

Hey Mark!,

Tried but it doesn’t seem to do anything.

That is what I am after btw

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Can you send us a Dorico file, an excerpt that has a few measures containing the divisi passage that does not meet your expectations?

In this thread from September 2020 a condensing change was needed.

CONDENSING.dorico (658.4 KB)
i! Attached there is the DORICO file

You can change the stem directions with special groups in Condensing Changes.
re-CONDENSING.dorico (657.6 KB)

(Actually, since all the notes are in one phrase, the second Condensing Change on system 2 isn’t necessary.)

That worked thanks!