Virtual mod wheel

My keyboard has no mod wheel and I was wondering if it was possible to simulate one inside of Cubase ?
(same question with pitch bend, and, generally, with CC, is there a way to create buttons, wheels or sliders you can move with the mouse in order to command them ?)

Its best to get yourself the Notation Nocturn or something like it with encoders and go to page 337 of the operation manual and learn how to setup and use Track Quick Controls.

But yes, you can use the Quick Control sliders as ‘virtual sliders’ with the mouse and without any midi device attached. Just make sure you have different CC#s in the setup page for each control.

You can assign CC 1 (modulation) to one of the controls and your good to go. I don’t believe you can assign Pitch Bend, but you can choose any of the other 127 CC’s to assign to one of your remaining 7 quick controls … like cutoff (usually CC 74) and resonance (usually CC 71).

You set up your controller … when you get it … in the main Device Menu at the bottom of the drop down. You’ll see QuickControl under Midi in the hierarchy.


Thanks for your answer Como.
I’m afraid that recording CC1 in real time with the little blue line is a bit difficult…
So I’m gonna buy something like M-AUDIO KEYSTUDIO 25.

Especially for doing pitchbends… you really need something mechanical which returns to zero itself.

The virtual world does have its limitations.

But those little blue lines can still be useful in adjusting timbre on a synth voice and other tasks not dependent on real time.