Voice swap crash/bug

I have created one up-stem and one down-stem voice. The down-stem voice is the changed into a down stem slash voice using Voices -> Rhythmic slashes -> Slashes with stem

Then Dorico crashes when adding notes after this in the up-stem voice and change voices: Voices -> Change Voice -> Down-stem Slash Voice 1

Yes, sorry about this: this is a bug in Dorico 2.0 that will be fixed in the forthcoming update.

Oki, great , no worries! :+1:

BTW, when selecting a passage to change the the notes to rhythmic slashes all notes on that staff changes. Is this how it’s intended to work?
Isn’t it possible to just move the selected notes to the slash voice?

Well, when this bug is fixed it’ll be an easy task to move notes from and to the slash voice…

I would say that all notes in that voice change to slash-notes. One can add another voice to appear with normal note heads.

If you only want to change a selection of notes, I believe you should use Voices > Change Voice.

Yes, that’s my conclusion too after some testing around. Then I’ll have to wait for the next update since moving a voice to a slash voice causes Dorico to crash.

Any rumours when the update will be delivered?

Probably next week : last week, Daniel asked us for two weeks long patience…


And releases customarily arrive on Tuesday, Wednesday, or Thursday (although I cannot reference the actual post where Daniel said that).

Dear Derrek, I think Leo just did in the post before yours !

It might not be next week, but it will be soon. We’re close to finishing off the last things targeted for this update.