Volume envelope bounces wont null BUG

  1. Open a new project
  2. Import an audio file (or record one)
  3. Use the pencil tool and draw a volume cuve on the audio file
  4. Duplicate the track
  5. Bounce the second (duplicated) file
  6. Flip the phase of either track
  7. They DON’T null

I figured out it’s an issue with Melodyne being added as an extension…

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Well, you’re into something !

Even without extensions or plugins, the signals will not always null when they are affected by real-time transpose or time stretch.
This is something I have found a while ago, and the issue is actually quite concerning.

I assume that when you duplicate the track, the Melodyne settings are also copied, so the audio on both tracks is outputted exactly the same, this is an exact copy, right ?

So, there is indeed a bug, but it originates from Cubase itself. I have spent more than thirty hours over two weeks to troubleshoot this issue, and have narrowed it down precisely.

If you have some time I invite you to read the full post carefully, though it could have been written a bit better but I can’t edit it anymore :