Vote here for Groove Agent 4!

Anyone who’d like to see a successor for Groove Agent 3 please vote here!
Maybe some gentle democratic force will help…



+1 and Grand 4!

Yes from me- having tried the very poor version supplied w C 6.5 I need GA back!
Steinberg- what a shame on you :blush:

Hi everyone,
Great hearing that there are so many fans of Groove Agent out there!

Let’s move one step further in the discussion:

IF Steinberg would decide to develop a Groove Agent 3 successor, how should it look like? What features would you like to have? What are you missing in other virtual drum instruments that you would like to see in GA4?

Thanks for your interest and for the question!

Though new to GA 3 this is what I suggest, it is mostly about content (which was the reason why I bought GA 3):

1a. More Styles, Patterns and Variations (for Classic mode).

1b. (a very personal request :wink:) Extend the kits and styles with the old analog drum machines from the sixties and the seventies like Hammond Auto Vari 64, Roland CR-78 and so on (see Beat Box Anthology from Uvi)

1c. (another very personal request :wink:)Include the original cheesy pattern from these old machines (and add variations and fills) as well as the typical drums patterns from the old Allein-Unterhalter Organ (Bontempi, Böhm, Yamaha)

2a. Extend the number of instruments in the Percussion Agent in order to make it a full Percussion library
(for example for congas: Requinto, Quinto, Conga, Tumba)

2b. Make the Percussion Agent Midi able the same way the Classic agent is with many styles, variations and fills.

  1. The possibility to import user midi styles and fills and let them also appear within the same menu and in the same easy way the factory syles and fills appear.

  2. keep the easy workflow!

Best regards



Make the Percussion Agent Midi able the same way the Classic agent is with many styles, variations and fills.
+1 sure





Nice to see that more people want a successor!
I was on a holiday so I just read Matthias’ reply as well, so there we go:

What I’d like to see is:

(the boring stuff)

  1. Support for OSX Lion. This is essential.
  2. The malfunctionous sample rate conversion in the OSX version needs to be fixed (GA3 sounds bad in 48KHz projects and when I tune sounds other than default, this is a confirmed bug)

And now the creative wishes :slight_smile:
I don’t own or use other virtual drummers so I’m not informed about the others, except that you have to drag midi files to the project window. And that’s what I do not like.
I like the way of Groove Agent and that is that it really behaves like a drummer in person.
It just goes on and varies his style if you like.

However. If I would like to adjust some pattern, I have to record all the MIDI notes and edit in the editor of the sequenser.
I think it’s a great idea if Groove Agent could include a smal MIDI editor so that the pattern I’ve just selected could be seen and edited.
So if I do like a real bussy pattern but don’t want that many kickdrum hits, I could mute the notes that I don’t like in this mini MIDI editor. Or add notes, move notes to other sounds etc. (of course with the right Groove quantisation). Also the fills in the Classic Agent must be editable.
This could be a nice solution with dramatic results. It would be like a real studio situation:
I could say to the drummer: I really like this rhythm but could you play halve of the rides or use a tom instead of the snare.
I think you’ll understand me.

For the Percussion Agent the same could be realised as well.
I asume the Persussion Agent uses sliced audio loops. Nonetheless, each slices can be represented by a midi note in this mini MIDI editor (but I’d prefer that this wouldn’t be a row of notes in staircase formation, but that the percussion agent editor knows that each next Midi note is the next slice (round robin), so all the notes could stay on the same line, can you follow me?).

Another important feature must be a kind of free improvising intro generator.
Some songs start without drums, but I could use some good hits, rolls on hihats, cymbals or percussion sounds or an out of the blue pattern that could be used as accents during the intro.

And indeed more Persussion Agent styles and more grids (16th).
More styles for the Classic an Special Agent would be really welcome.
But the mini MIDI editor and future operating system support are priority for me!


I vote yes. I like all the features just fine :smiley: …just want to keep using it as Cubase continues to evolve.


+1 for GA4.

Technically I want 64bit VST3 on Lion OSX. And creatively to have GM mode not only in classic/upper mode but also in lower mode. To load the kits that come with GAOne and still play the patterns. More patterns and styles and maybe even content sets to add. Or even add a Bass Agent - a virtual bass player with the styles of the drummers and a follow- chords-track option. Virtual Bassist is dead and so seems Broomstick. I’d also love the classic beat boxes 808 and 909.

The main point for me to use GA3 is the styles library with all the variations and fills. This is what makes it so cool and soi easy to use! Even a GA3.1 with only 64bit support for Lion/ W7 would make me cheer out loud!

Count me in for GA4.

Good integration with GAOne would be useful, but a good range of styles is the top priority.



More special agent styles.

The UI is really buggy, as well as timing.

+1 (or fix the remaining bugs in GA3 on 64-bit please)