VSL and 1.0.30

In the last video the speaker was telling that VSL articulation changes have been fixed in 1.0.30

Looking at the log of the updates I did not see anything about it (I search for VSL)



There have been no specific fixes for VSL, but there have been a number of fixes involving the handling of playing technique changes resulting from triggers in VST Expression Maps, which would improve playback through any sample library, including VSL.

VST Expressionmaps for VSL are working fine, but with regard to VSL’s Vienna Ensemble Pro my biggest problem is to get instruments connect to the channels in VEPro in the first place. One instrument connects to the first channel ok, but then trying to connect the second instr. to channel two no midi information reaches VEPro. Strange enough, when changing the first instrument to the second channel it does react.?
I managed to get three channels working but then the fourth didn’t.
It might has something to do with the existence of 16 midi ports in VEPro (makes 256 channels). Or do I miss something?


Hello Gerard
Did you try using IAC ?
With 1.0.20 I had strange result using Dorico’s instrument, I could not assign channel 10 to 16
I could not try with VSL as I received instruction how to do from the support too late.
When I had some time to do the trial, the trial licenses had expired.
It will be great if there was a tutorial.

Hi Cyril, I don’t know what means IAC.

Doing some try, it looks that the «default» articulation with VSL SE is always «pleg»…

Usually it is «sus»…

I use current Cubase Expression Map !

So ?

You should be able to use VSL Event Input instances to map onto channels beyond 1-16, as I understand it. We will make it possible to access the channels beyond the first 16 in Dorico in due course.

Channels 10-16 don’t show correctly in the Dorico Play view, but it does work correctly. See this thread: https://www.steinberg.net/forums/viewtopic.php?f=246&t=113969

For more Chanels just connect to another instance on VEP, or use the Event input if you must have more than 16 channels in one instance…

I am successful in connecting Dorico to VSL, and most of the articulations seem to do something. However, hairpins seem to do nothing at all. Is there a way around this?

One thing to remember: VSL, by default, uses CC11 rather than CC1(«modwheel») for continous dynamics. CC1 is used (by default) for vertical navigation in VI§ matrices…

Where sus lives in the matrix varies between VSL instruments /libraries. Make sure the Natural technique in Dorico points to the correct cell. (Last time I tried the Cubase xmaps were a mess, requiring considerable cleanup/modification)

Are you on Mac?

Can you map CC1 to CC11 in Dorico ?

Do you mean that the 30 articulations of VSL Solo violin are handle by Dorico ?

Not as such, but you don’t have to. Take a look at the attached screenshots, which shows the VSL Solo Violin Preset Level 1. It consists of 3 matrices mapped to midi keys 36,37,38. The cell you want to reach is in red, sustain vibr marcato, living in matrix 2 at the 2nd horizontal position.
The next screenshots shows how the Expression map in Dorico will look like for reaching this (red) cell…
Not every playing technique in Dorico will trigger at this time, but the basic ones certainly do (arco, legato, pizz, stacc., spicc., tremolo … ) Later on, especially when we can define our own techniques, it should be possible to utilize the power of VSL to a much larger extent. I also get the impression that the Dorico team will try to implement some level of humanoid choices, like Human playback in Finale do. (E.g. calculate from the note value and the tempo the duration of a note (marked staccato) in milliseconds, and if it falls below a threshold (fixed) the technique Spiccato will be sent, if it falls above Staccato will be sent.)

Sorry but you need to, how are you going to give expression to the instruments if CC1 is used to control the matrices .
In the Dimension instrument the matrices have 3 dimensions

Is there is a list of expressions handle by Dorico

That will be great, but it has to be added to the score, so we can edit it



You use CC11. Note the green markings in my screenshots…

Hi, here I am again.
I still have a lot of trouble with connecting instruments in Dorico to channels in VEPro. No proper Midi connection.
Sometimes one or two instruments work, then others don’t. Daniel wrote: “There have been no specific fixes for VSL”.
Is this one of them?

Hi Gerrie,
that sounds odd. I just tried it, and it works as expected. So we need to find out where it goes wrong for you … this is what I do:

  1. start the VEP Server.
    2)add an Instance to it (and give it a name) and add as many channels of Vienna Instruments as you need to that, setting them to all to receive input on Bank/Cable 1 (VE PRO Plugin MIDI In 1) - Channel 1, Bank 1 - Channel 2, Bank 1 - Channel 3 etc. etc.
  2. Start Dorico and add your instruments. In Play mode replace Halion with VEP. All players should get their endpoint updated to VEP maintaining their Midi Channel.
  3. Click the ‘e’ button (upper right under VST Instrument) on Vienna Ensemble Pro. The CONNECT window will open. Now connect to the VEP Instance you created under 2)

Now everything should work. VEP will send Stereo back to Dorico on channel 1/2. If you want to mix in Dorico set the outputs for each channel in VEP to unique pairs.