VST 3 plugin in/out displays not working

Anyone else had problems with VST plugins’ input and output meters (and indeed G/R) not working? One of the schools I’m at has just upgraded to C6, and any VST3 plugin I’ve tried doesn’t display properly - the plugin comes up and appears to work, but the meters don’t show anything, or they are fixed at a certain point. Makes explaining the operation of gates and compressors extremely difficult! I initially thought it was some issue with them opening projects originally made in SX3, but even fresh ones do the same.

They are running Cubase 6.0.0, Windows 7 32-bit. If I open a project on my laptop, then everything works as expected, and trashing the preferences made no difference to the issue. I have tried this with VST Dynamics, Compressor, Gate, Expander (all VST3 versions)

This appears to be fixed in the 6.0.1 update.

Oh, that’ll be a fun punt to the IT department then! I’ll give it a go and see what gives…

:laughing: Tell them it is fixed in the 6.0.1 update :laughing:

Or wait for the supported update 6.0.2

Sorry to be dumb, but is it documented in the Version history for 6.0.1? I can’t see it, but might be blind (it looks to fix another issue they have been having with the Wah pedal cracking in VST Amp Rack).

No it doesn’t seem to be documented but the 6.0.1 update cured exactly the same problem for me.

Meters (VST3 plugin) were updating every several mins or so and would just stick untill it jumped to a new position and stuck again.

After the update the meters work as expected.

Thanks Split. Now I just need to get the installer to run!