(VST) Audio System: RedNet PCIe Freeze Cubase pro

Need help how to track and identify problem with Cubase pro 11 Audio System!!

I updated to 11 yesterday, and now Cubase freezes during start:

  • Initialize Audio system (11)
  • VST Audio System ( 10.5.20)

I have tried to use the “Generic Low Latency ASIO driver” (Manages Cubase to start) and then manually configuring the RedNet PCIe interface through “/Studio/Studio Setup/Audio System”.
– Freezes immediately.

*10.5 did stop working as well after the update to 11
*Windows 10, latest build
*Latest driver"Dante RedNet PCIe Card, version"

*Dante Controller UI Ver
*Dante Controller Package
*Java 1.8.0
*Common 4.0.5
*Dante Discovery 1.3.1
*RedNet Control 2, 2.8.0
*PCIe Firmware

Any clues how to break this down?

possibly the rednet drivers…focusrite usually write terrible drivers !

do other audio applications work ok with that ASIO driver ?
does 10.5 work ok ?
mac or pc ?


Updated information in my original post: We have the latest drivers, It worked fine in 10.5.20 before the update, and now no version works.

do you have any other audio apps that use ASIO drivers - let’s see if we can eliminate steinberg from the equation

Other ASIO are working.

so it’s just cubase (double checking !)

and you’ve rebooted (pcie card in an odd state)

Yes, I have rebooted, tried to uninstall/reinstall Audinate and PCIe drivers. Really confusing. What confuses me most is that 10.5 stoped working.

agreed it’s a bit odd.

A bit of a long shot but easy to test is to delete (backup!) your cubase preferences and start cubase - or just start cubase in safe-mode

Using Safemode is what I’m doing as I booted with “Generic Low Latency ASIO driver” and manually configured other devices. But as soon as I choose the Dante interface it freezes.

The card is working as I can configure it through RedNet Control2, and I can send signals to the card as I can see that through the Control 2 interface too. Something has changed, and I’m not clever enough how to pinpoint it. :confused:

is there a separate ASIO configuration/settings app for the Rednet ? or do you have to use Control2 ?

assume you’re not using DVS ?

Yes there is a very basic PCIe CARD “Settings,”. Basically controlling Buffer Size, and a protools Compatibility chkbox limiting the card to 32x32. Not much to play with. :slight_smile:

Not Using DVS, this is a physical Card.

sample rate ? ?

48 k, 64 bit all verified. :confused:

and that’s what is says in the Control2 app AND cubase ?

trying to work out what could be different about cubase compared to other apps…cubase can set sample rate via ASIO driver for example

Yes, the Dante network is quite picky as you need to have all devices in the net talking the same Sample Rate. You check/Manage all these (RedNet Interfaces on the net) in RedNet Control 2. Routing is managed through the Control App. The Dante Network is stable and the PCIe card is synced to clock (slave) and set to 48 khz… This seems to be something that has happened on the windows system.

if it’s happened on the windows system then it has only happened to cubase ? you say other ASIO applications on that PC are working fine.

Hold a sec, I will try som NI instruments on their own. BRB

Kontakt freezing as I select RedNet PCIe. So then it’s Audinate or Focusrite… At least progress. Thanks for pushing! Just soo odd it occured as I updated to 11… Understand nada… Which is not unusual…

that’s progress at least…:slight_smile:

I’m gonna sneak this over to the HW section if that’s ok…let me know if you need any more help

obvious 1st step is (another !) full install and reinstall - reboot the whole system etc