VST Bass Amps

Which amps do you think they are modeling? I assume the valve amp is an SVT and the tweed is a Bassman? How about the Greyhound, Paradise, and Green? Thanks.

Btw I’ve tried all the bass amp plugins and this is the best by far imo! Worth the update price alone!

Greyhound - Gallien-Krueger
Green T - Trace Elliot
Paradise - Eden
Tweed - Bassman

Not entirely sure what Valve Amp or iTech are though…

I like the tone of the amps, I love the control set, but I don’t love the dynamic range.

I think they are excellent for more static bass lines, synth bass that’s already dynamic, or bass lines that are deliberately solid in tone.

I find that other sims are better at accentuating the nuances of velocity of acoustic bass, but I do always audition them. They are a great addition to Cubase.

Aloha M and a major +1

I posted about this soon after C8 shipped because
I was not expecting this plug to sound soooo good.


For years I was firmly in the IK Multimedia camp when it came to guitar/bass stuff
and I was pretty happy with the results.

But now I can’t stop using the VST bass plug; and for a number of diff styles.

Funk/rock/smooth jazz/pop and even have used it on a upright bass once.

Just for fun I have even tried some of the pre-sets on a kick drum
with some interesting results. :astonished: YMMV

Nice plug. Tanx Steiny.

Good luck!

Aloha Curt - I still like the top end on the SVT VSTi but this new VST from Stein is quite good. Marlow DK, an excellent bassist and educator, designed several of these presets.

Thanks SuStudio and everyone! I guess the Gallien-Krueger is maybe the 800RB?

The only one I found to be on the same quality level is mark studio 2 - the others don’t fully sound like an amp to me. But mark studio is all variations on the same clean sound while Steinberg nailed more complex sounds. I suppose none of my basslines would qualify as very wide dynamic-range, acoustic bass-type stuff. Gotta try it on kick now!

Amplitube is still unbeaten, but the vst amp comes close!

Which sounds in it are up your alley? I tried it and thought it was an improvement over their Ampeg SVX, though Ampegs are more my taste. The main thing I’ve tested so far are tubey sounds with some distortion, since I thought that was the best way to put these models through their paces. For that sound I didn’t think Amplitube could hang with VST Bass Amp or studio devil VTB for that matter.

I totally like the orange ad200, the fender bassman pro 300 ( I own the real bassman 100 amp and the orange ad200, on basis of this I concluded that the amplitube is great and versatile). Don’t get me wrong the vst amp is great and in some maybe better as amplitube, but the possibilities for selecting cabs, mics and pedals is simply overwhelming great!

The SVX amplitube is one of the oldest and first emulations of amplitube.

That said the green line of VST AMP (Trace Elliot) is one of the emulation which I recognize at once, it’s signature is kind of unique metalically. In amplitube this one sounds actually worser.

Thanks I’ll try those. I hear you, Amplitube has really great controls. The options on VST are a bit more limited (kinda everything you need and nothing more), which I think can be a good thing for me, although if Steinberg comes out with an expansion to it with more amps (b15?), cabs, and mics (re20?) I’ll fork over my money instantly.

Well VST AMP is for free and Amplitube did cost me euro’s, so the price quality balance is with VST AMP!

I love playing Cure basslines through that one! I just read that maybe he used an SVT more though.

VST tubeamps are classic (just like the B15’s), I personnaly swear by the fenders bassman’s. These amps don’t get the lovin’ they deserve. I prefer my old bassman 100 (1972) over a SVT, over a Orange AD200AD, but hence mine is fully restored with NOS (New Old Stock) tubes and has the blackface pre-amp modification including a DI tapped from the speakeroutput with a speaker emulater in between! They should be moddeling mine :wink:

Yeah I’ll be using the VST tweed a lot (I’ll check out the Amplitube version though.) I hear you on NOS tubes - to me they’re everything. I have a big collection and try to stick to stuff made before 1962 which is about when i think most of them started to decline.

The Amplitube Tweeds are amazing imo… they really have that hairy, but smooth silky sound.

However I think there are definitely some sounds on the Cubase Bass Amp that would take longer, be more difficult to get in Amplitube. In Amplitube, I usually have to work very hard to nail the sound, kinda like the more control you have… the longer it takes to be satisfied.

I think I also like the virtual mic response better with Cubase’s, although I generally leave that section bypassed.

I don’t know which version is used in some of the Halion Sonic patches, but I have attempted to replace the amp FX a couple of times, and concluded that what they dialed in was better than what I could replace :laughing:

Love having options.

I will say that I’m pretty impressed with the Eden model, called ‘Paradise’. I’ve been playing through an Eden head since '94, thousands of gigs with that amp, so I know the sound inside and out. The model is indeed pretty damn close to the sound of the actual amp. In a mix, I would not be able to tell the difference.

Cool, Eden makes nice amps!

That’s an amazing endorsement. I’m realizing that’s the bass sound I grew up on in the 90s - Mike Gordon, Phil Lesh, etc. Can’t wait to try it with the Trilian MusicMan, both Studio and Hardcore!