VST Connect in Cubase 8 - can anyone get it working?


i have trying to get VST Connect to work with cubase 8 on a PC.

i can connect and share video but nothing else. i cannot send or receive audio / talkback in either direction.

The problem appears to be the VST Connect Cue mix which is inserted into a group channel (although it self populates into the cue slot within the control room??)

the Cue mix pop up box reports that its not connected, but this doesn’t tell you what it should be connected to??

The manual is a shocking read!

please help…anyone?


Hi there,

are you talking about the new VST Connect SE 3 in Cubase Pro 8 or are you trying to use VST Connect Pro in Cubase Pro 8?

VST Connect Pro is not yet updated to the new workflow of VST Connect SE 3. But there will be an update coming in January.

Thank you for the quick reply.
It’s the version that came with Cubase 8, but when the GUI is opened via the Cubase 8 ‘Project’ drop down menu it doesn’t mention SE3 only SE.


Hi Matthias & 5am,

I have the exactly the same problem and its driving me nuts!!

I am using VST Connect SE 3 in Cubase Pro 8, and was expecting a better result, but that doesn’t seem to be the case!!

I was extensively using VST connect in CB 7.5 with no trouble at all, but in the new Pro 8 I just cannot get it to work. Like 5am I also can only get only the video feed working and nothing else!!

When I looked at the manual (via the question mark icon) and, again like 5am, I found it very confusing!

I have tried the “repair VST” option as well as various other routing options in the set up but no success at all!

FYI the performer I am trying to connect with is also using a Steinberg CI1 interface and you can see my full spec in my sig.

Can some one at Steinberg please offer some urgent advise and guidance on this please??

Jim B

Do not insert the cuemix plug in a group channel or the like. In fact, if you attempt to use a prior Vst Connect project, remove the “Performer Mon” audio track and “To Performer” Group Channel altogether, or use an empty project, then apply “Create VST Connect” from the project/Vst Connect SE menu. Open the devices/Control Room mixer as now VST Connect is integrated into the CR mixer. If you haven’t done so, you will also need to create a Talkback (also available in said VST Connect submenu) and assign your TB Mic in the devices/Vst connections (you only need to do this once).
Hope that helps.

Hello Musicullum,

I have been at this for over 4 hours tonight and got absolutely nowhere!! What amazes me is that it worked perfectly in CB 7.5!!!
Tonight, I recorded 3 mono audio tracks without using the studio. I then went through the VST connect menu to create VST connect. I cleared all the channels in the studio VST connections, then inserted from the VST menu the talk back.
In the manual (P12) it shows an image of: VST connect / VST C record / Playback / Stereo channels in mix console but when I create a VST connect all I get is Performer rec channel?? This channels is also the only cue send that is activated??
When this failed I deleted the file and created an new file, then tried to create a VST connect track on its own. All I got was what I had with my earlier attempt!!
I haven’t been able to get any further than video connection tonight, no talk back, no recording, absolutely nothing from a very expensive DAW recording package!!
In my opinion, to have taken something from 7.5 that worked, update it for 8 Pro and create something that does not work (even with my Steinberg interface??) is not a very good advert for this particular part of Cubase 8 Pro!!
Surely there is someone within the Steinberg organisation that can help on this please??
Is it my CI1 audio interface? Is it the way I am setting up the channels? Is it the way I am setting the studio connections up???
I look forward to hearing about any solutions because, until then, the VST connect se3 is absolutely useless for me!!

Jim B

It does not create a playback track, that is left for you to do. It does create one Perfromer Track that has a cue send activated (to the VST Connect Cuemix channel in the Control Room Mixer). It should also have created an Input Channel with the Vst Connect SE plugin, no? Are you sure that Input channels are visible? And most of all, please open the Control Room Mixer (devices menu) and let us know what’s in the Studio Tab. I can’t see your screen so to help, pls. describe what you see in detail. Also if you did what you described above in that order, you have removed the Control Room entries that the “Create Vst Connect” function just created.

Let me try again:
Empty project, menu project/vst connect/vst connect se/create vst connect.
Make sure input channels are visible. Open menu devices/control room mixer. What do you see in the mixer console, and what do you see in the Control Room Mixer? Also open menu devices/vst connections and open the Studio Tab. What do you see?

Your interface is perfectly ok. And again we’d like to help but we need some more details. Pls try the steps above and let us know what’s on your screen thereafter.

Thanks Musi,

Thanks for that, it seems that I can always depend on you for help and clear instructions, as you have proven in the past :smiley:

With regards the playback track are you saying I have to create that? If so is it just an “add audio track” or do I need to do anything else? If you could you let me know the routing the playback track needs to have because I could’nt see that in the manual?

I guess that the VST connect in 7.5 was easier to use because it had a nice straight forward template available?

I am away from my system at the moment but will get back to you tonight with results and the extra information you have asked for.

Once again, many thanks, I really want to get this going as it has proven so effective for me in the past :slight_smile:

Jim B

Oh, of course you use the cue sends of audio or other tracks/channels to send whatever the Performer should hear just like when recording somebody next door (make sure cue sends are visible in the mixer Rack). This is similar to using sends to the “To Performer” Group channel that you probably used before.
The cuemix functions in the Control Room give you many more possibilities. You can control metronome click (incl. level), talkback, talkback dim, or let the Performer listen to an external input (like CD player) and more.

It’s supposed to be the other way round, it is much simpler now. You don’t need a template, the “Create VST Connect” function does it all. But you should familiarize with the Control Room Mixer. This has been created for recording situations, and VCON 3 utilizes it to make all these features available for remote recording.

Glad that you like it. We’ll sort it out :slight_smile:

Hi Musicullum,

Final question, and I am sorry if I am being a bit dense here :mrgreen:

Oh, of course you use the cue sends of audio or other tracks/channels to send whatever the Performer should hear just like when recording somebody next door (make sure cue sends are visible in the mixer Rack). This is similar to using sends to the “To Performer” Group channel that you probably used before.
The cuemix functions in the Control Room give you many more possibilities. You can control metronome click (incl. level), talkback, talkback dim, or let the Performer listen to an external input (like CD player) and more.

Just to be clear then (because I am a bit slow with the technology…sorry), do I add a new audio track called playback and then create cue sends for all the tracks the performer needs to hear to the playback track or do I just set up the cue sends from these tracks to the already created performer track without adding a playback track?

Once again I apologies if I am being dense but I do really appreciate your assistance :mrgreen:

Jim B

Don’t apologize, you’re welcome to ask, it also helps others.
Like regular sends, the cue send takes the signal from its channel and sends it to the Control Room Cue (VST Connect) channel. If you add a new audio (or other) track, the cue send is not initially activated (don’t ask me why) so you may have to do that. But there are some nice convenience functions in the cue channel itself (remember it’s in the Control Room Mixer).
Right click on the “Cue (VST Connect)” bar (this is your friend) and you get various options for selected channels like enable/disable/reset cue sends, set them all to a specific level, or apply faders and pans etc.
You don’t have to “create” cue sends, because of the Control Room CueMix’s existence, there is a cue send for each mixer channel automatically. And there doesn’t have to be a track called “playback”, this is just an example track with music on it to show how you send that music to the Performer by using the cue send level of that playback track. It just serves as a placeholder for potentially many tracks that you want the Performer to hear.
In an exsisting project with some audio tracks you might for instance create VST Connect, select the channels that you want the Performer to hear, then right click the Cue (VST Connect) channel in the Control Room Mixer and select “Use current mix levels” in the “From selected channels” submenu, and the Performer will hear those channels like you hear your mix. If he then wants the guitar a bit lower and vocals a bit more, you use the cue sends of those channels to adjust his headphone mix.

Hope that helps, good luck!

Hi Musicullum,

Thank you for your input it has been really valuable.

Thanks to you, I have now managed to send audio and talkback to the performer but still not been able to hear the Performer this i suspect is a problem at the performers end which i am going to investigate further.

Thanks again to you and Jim B.


Hi Musi & 5am,

I have been able to record the performer tonight :smiley: :smiley: :smiley:
He can hear my talk back but the last issue I have is that I still cant hear him :confused:
Also I think I need to get my head around the control room mixer because I need to understand all the functionality that it contains:?:

I will print the manual pages for the control room for a little light reading

But for now, I am moving in the right direction, with just one last stooped question :blush:
Do all the cue sends (including the one on my stereo out bus) have to be active?

Thanks Musicullum and 5am.

Jim B

I am having the same issue. I have no way of monitoring the performer in cubase without being out of sync. I can record I can communicate with talkback , but I can’t hear the performer in sync with the playback track.

Only the cue sends of those channels that you want the Performer to hear. But not the out bus, because then if you set monitor active for a Performer channel, the Performer would hear himself with an echo.
You can visualize sends (and cue sends as well) like your channel had two faders instead of one: one for what you hear, and one for what the Performer hears. The second one is the cue send in each channel. The equivalent to your stereo out bus is the Cue (VST Connect) Channel in the Control Room. Have a look there, for instance, you can select whether the Performer should hear the cue mix (blue button, should be on), or the main mix (not recommended because of that said echo), or external input (like CD player).
In order to hear the Performer, for now, despite what the manual says, create an Audio Channel Track and activate its Input Monitor (make sure no cue send is active in this channel), just like you did with Cubase 7xx. This is due to a bug that we found which will be fixed with the update coming soon, I will describe it in the next entry where another user has stumbled across this issue. Sorry for the inconvenience.

Unfortunately you are right. We overlooked a bug that causes this to happen, because Cubases’ delay compensation applies a delay to the monitor path if that channel has an active cue send.
We will fix this in the next update which is coming very soon. Then you will find an additional knob in the VST Connect plugin editor where you can set the volume for the Performer signal. This is acheived by a “Performer Monitor” plugin in the Control Room output replacing the function of the old “Performer Mon” audio channel and make any Input Monitor issues disappear, and of course this is in perfect sync again. It will also automatically be installed by the “Create VST Connect” function such that you will immediately hear the Performer when connected, and without having to set a channel to input monitoring.
We are really sorry for the inconvenience. But there is a simple workaround until the update is available: as with older versions, create an audio track, set its input to the VST Connect Input, make sure its cue send is deactivated (I guess it is by default) and enable its Input Monitor (yellow speaker icon). Then you should hear the Performer at all times, without delay when chatting and in sync when recording. Do not set any other Performer channels to input monitor.
Once again sorry for the confusion. We really want this to work with just the “Create VST Connect” function, and with the update it works like a charm and with sample accurate sync and of course, without the delay. Stay tuned, and bear with us :slight_smile:

I could not make it work I enabled the input as vst connect and monitor on but the signal I heard was the performer out of sync. If I use Vst connect pro 2 in cubase 8 with all connect 3 stuff deleted everything works great. I’ll continue this as the way to record remotely until you resolve with an update.

Hi all,

I am sorry to report that I have achieved exactly the same results as Songbird Studios.

Adding a Performer Monitor track, following all the instructions from Musicullum, failed to produce the result we was told it would give us!!

So I guess that this means we all have to wait for the bug fix and hope that does the trick :angry:

Jim B

Really sorry for that. The update is coming very shortly, until then please use the old VST Connect Template.

It is unfortunate but at least we know that it was never going to work and we can stop wasting time testing.

Thanks to everyone involved.