VST connect no audio only when recording

I cant get a signal to the performer track. When I hit record all the signal from VST connect pro cuts out. Please let me know how to fix this. I can hear the performer the VST connect channel but can’t get over to the performer track. Or even when I place the VST connect plugin into the performer track. I can see the the signal but again when I hit record all signal from VST connect plugin dies out immediately. Please help thanks

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You appear to become creative, which is not the recommended way to go, unless you fully understand the system. Pls remove everything related to VST Connect from the Control Room, create an empty project, and apply “Create VST Connect”. Does that work out for you?
Pls understand that you cannot monitor the Performer thru the Performer Track (Monitor) directly because of the delay involved. You will hear the Performer signal at any time via the VST Connect Monitor plugin placed after the Control Room Monitor output. If you use headphones, place another instance of VST Connect Monitor after the Headphone output - although it should be there already after applying “Create VST Connect”.
Do not mess around with VST Connect plugins, the routing applied by “Create VST Connect” is the only possible solution with that set of plugins. If you want to dive in deeper, check to see https://helpcenter.steinberg.de/hc/en-us/articles/360012899079
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The default “Create VST Connect” routing is what was used when it stopped working. So yes this did work at one time. Once this failed I tried other options as the default set-up is not working. VST Connect actually states in the prompt that the plug-in needs to have a channel. There is no harm in moving the VST plug-in (Signal) to a pre-made audio track. A solution is still needed, thanks.

You will get a signal if you insert the plug in an Audio Track Channel, and then it will cut off when you attempt to record, just so as it happens in your case. This comes to no surprise; you will only ever succeed if you follow the receipe, see the webpage mentioned. Clean up Control Room, starting from an empty project and applying „Create VST Connect“ is the way to arrange VST connect plugins automatically, poking around not knowing how it works may get you to partly success but as you can see in your case, not the whole deal because no matter what you do, you will not be able to record the Performer unless the VST Connect plugin resides in an Input Channel, it will not work anywhere else. Just try to stick to the plan.

Ooooookay… SMH, you seem to not understand that I have done the “recipe” and it doesn’t work. It worked at one time 8 months ago but now it doesn’t. I’ve reinstalled, I’ve updated, I’ve started with a blank slate and used “Create VST Connect” as you’ve mentioned numerous times. But you don’t seem to understand that “Create VST Connect” is still not working even when using all defaults. Now, if you have a solution for this not working, I’ve changed nothing from “recipe” ,I’m all ears. But once again I’ve tried multiple avenue after the so called “recipe” didn’t work. I don’t just go clicking or changing settings without know what I’m doing. Please don’t reply if you are just repeat yourself but if you have a solution then it would be greatly appreciated. When I say not working its only when I click record. Other than I do get a signal from the performers side.

I will repeat though that it won‘t work when you install the plugin in an audio track. The system works in two states, chat, and play/record, the first will work in that configuration, the second not, that simple. The website mentioned gives you clues if you think to have to understand it. As - sorry to repeat - „Create VST Connect“ from an empty (!) project is intended to work and has done so in almost all cases, the next reasonable step would be to find what gets in the way. We can help if you calmly describe what you are doing, what your system is, and what doesn‘t work as expected, but it requires you to be clear and cooperative.

Same for me was working fine and now no recording when I engage record.

I’m working with Adam from Steinberg. Poor guy had to remote in and still couldn’t find a solution he had to send it back to development. Can you check to see if the version number on the Windows programs and features shows 1.10 but when you actually use VST connect it says 2.xx? He was thinking there might be some sort of beta version being used but had to have development investigate it further. It’s been about two weeks still waiting.

we’re here to help directly. What you mean by version 1.10…where do you get that? When speaking of VST Connect, we refer to at least version 4.x, better still 5.5.

Do you actually work for Steinberg or just some dude in a forum?

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We’re the developers.
You may also want to have a look at this: Cubase 11.0.41 doesn'tlike VST Connnect Pro 4.0.45 - #5 by Michael_Garding

Can you tell me why I show 5.5.10 installed on Win10 programs list but when I check the version of VST Connect in Cubase it says 5.5.20? The driver was installed via the Stein download page by the rep. I had a remote session with. Also I have a ticket that is currently being worked on with Adam. Please verify the movement for current status

… we have added VST Connect 5.5 to Cubase/Nuendo 11.0.40/41. VST Connect needed a small fix to be ready for MacOS 10.14. That’s why we have decided to create a VST Connect 5.5.20 version - only for Cubase/Nuendp 11.0.40/41

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So is that why I’m having issues? I downloaded the Windows 10 version of VST Connect from the Steinberg download page. Is there a status as far as a solution for Windows 10 user who can not record but can hear the performer when not recording?

“Please don’t reply if you are just repeat yourself” - then I should be quiet.
Well, we’re supposed to help despite of that, so let me repeat that the system is designed and has been tested to work and if it doesn’t, it is best to approach such problems step by step. Let me try some questions: are any of the LEDs turning red when you hit record? Do the bar graphs drain? Did you move/change any plugin after “Create VST Connect”? Did you try to increase “Remote Latency” to 2 or 2.5 seconds? Is Performer also on Windows and uses version 5.5? For a start…
One more thing: I dare to repeat that the Performer can be heard at any (!) time via the Control Room VST Connect Monitor plugin. More questions: do you listen via speakers, or headphones? Said plugin must be placed after whatever Monitor (or Headphone) you use, so pls. check to see if it is present in the Control Room. And when you are not recording: do you see any meters move when Performer speaks? That would indicate that you have either managed to engage Track Monitor - it should be blocked for Performer Tracks - or moved around plugins, such as you indicated that you had done by placing the VST Connect plugin into a track which - sorry to repeat - cannot work, even when it makes you hear the Performer, because as soon as transport is started, the delay system drops in. Hope that helps nevertheless.

I’m sorry, but please reference my responses above. We apologize for any inconvenience. Thank you