VST connect performer issue

Having updated to 5.4.40 I have lost video connection. I read the fix was in v 5.4.41 but having updated to that version the issue persists

The 5.4.41 fix is only for SE version, do you use that?
You may have to purge settings.
If the problem persists, we need a lot more details, system, what exactly happens etc.

I deleted the program altogether and went back to 5.4.40 but still no video signal

I am using VST performer connect

That is confusing…where do you have problems, with VST Connect in Cubase or Nuendo, or with the VST Connect Performer application?

With the VST performer connect

The 5.4.41 fix was for the plugin, not for Performer.
We still have way too few information, let me repeat: do you use the SE or PRO version? What is your system, graphics card, camera, what video source is selected in settings, how is Video configured in VST Connect Video (PRO version only), all details help.